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  1. Thankyou for this advice. Hire car cost is 2.5k. I’m a 24 year old hence higher rate for being under 25. I have submitted my financial statements to the solicitor and all I can do is wait. I have explained I owe help to buy in June next year, I’m saving for a wedding and funding for my PhD is about to run out and therefore I need to save for shortfall whilst I write up. All I can do is wait. The whole thing is very unfair, I acted in good faith, I wasn’t aware there was such difference in cost and I simply followed the advice of my insurer . Much of
  2. I was involved in a non fault collision. I contacted my insurance company who referred me to the credit hire company auxillis - they provide car repairs and credit hire vehicle etc. No excess required because it was a clear non fault incident. Apparently credit hire vehicles are much pricier than "on the spot" car hire. The defendants admitted liability and paying for the repair of my car has been no issue, however the insurance company is saying that i should have utilised other car hire options (ie enterprise) other than credit hire should i have been financially
  3. It is the solicitor that has requested them as they are trying to seek payment from the defendants insurers. As the credit hire charges for the vehicle are high they are refusing to pay as they claim that i should have opted to have hired a car and paid upfront, should i have been in a financial position to do so, and then i would be reimbursed at a later date. I said that i wasnt in a financial position because as far as im concerned im not... my savings are savings for a reason and it would of been unreasonable for me to use them for that purpose. My solicitors need
  4. I am currently in a similar situation and wondered if you can give me a bit of advice. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472364-Advice-needed-Claims-management-company-court-case&p=5087639#post5087639 Like you i accepted a hire vehicle after a non fault accident and told auxillis/principia that i was not in a financial position to pay for a hire car myself upfront. I don't consider myself to be in a financial position despite savings accounts, as the savings are for a purpose and i didn't think that it was reasonable for me to go into my savings to
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