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  1. Hey dx100uk yes re read twice since posting and your right the only kind of will is at the beginning ie A County Court Claim has now been prepared, the rest is ifs and but Ignore it?
  2. Another letter today from ARCEurope I ignored letter 3 from them as above posts after my two attempts to shake them off, still, no proof of debt as requested. I have no loans never have and have no knowledge of this debt Letter says in short exact wording copied, can scan the letter if better Not paid etc "A county court claim has now been prepared against you and could be issued to Northampton County Court" I live hundreds of miles away from that Court What will happen next If this matter is passed to our Solicitors for issue, our client will claim the following
  3. Hi dx100uk, hope you're well tried noodle couple times askes loads personal information is it safe? Also I do not have credit card or debit card just an ATM card, that's it I am a cash only man, so I can not get past that section
  4. Hi, really? Blimey thank you so much I will run through these and post up finding Thank you!
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply not sure re-credit file, need to find out how to check Ill sit tight for the 14 days see their next move I have not replied as advised here. yes you right ignored and pointless writing to ARC I did not know any better at the time If i get any more Ill write to QQ and state facts and go from there. I will posts all letter up for everyone Thanks again everyone, thank you
  6. Hi dx100uk, ok so what do you think I should write, bar the obvious ie the history and situation etc Anything I need to do, write or say? Thanks so much for everyone advice and help means a lot, thank you again. Of cause I will keep posting step by step so everyone can see and maybe can help them also, all this is really not nice
  7. Ok many thanks everyone for the information, some you will some you lose and some you just dont know about, wish I had Ignored totally they will be anything they send, so much for being nice and honest and of cause costs me time and money I will only worry if I get a letter from QQ saying actions to be taken right? And at which point I go for a SAR etc ? Many thanks again, feel loads better. Thank you
  8. hi dx100uk thanks for your reply No been here donkeys years, never had any problems before
  9. Hi Bazooka Boo, thank you for your reply I get what your saying re contact I have been extremely careful what I have said I hope your be pleased, ie not my debt and for them to prove it's my debt, as I understand anyone can request this and they can not take further action until that request is complied with which of cause has not. They can not and do not have proof as I have never had any debts or loans in my life I have also added the warnings in the letters - I will sort the EXACT text of the letters for you. I made them from reading on the internet b
  10. quick quid says I owe £400 news to me never had any loads or debts, letters from Arc Europe, today 3rd letter bit confusing its bog run of the mill printer letter a) we could now take steps to prepare a County Court Claim b) latter in letters says payment or a court claim can be prepared 14 days after the date of this letter Dated 28 Dec received 2 Jan c) further down says, if unpaid our client (QQ) could apply for a formal court judgement and recorded on credit reference etc letter one I sent a reply saying no go, not known debt an quite some legal quo
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