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  1. Sorry im not fully up to speed with this. what will that give me in terms of what i would need it for?
  2. I haven’t got a run of the charges or anything in all honesty. I logged onto the online account but it looks like it’s now been taken off there. I saw a template in the documents section that’s asks for a refund of charges etc since hardship and was contemplating using that to try and get some refunded if possible. Do you think that would help?
  3. I got it in the end, wouldnt work on my phone so has on my laptop, thanks, Is it worth CCA'ing any of these do you think?
  4. Hi. Sorry I clicked on the link but it just takes me to a forum that doesn’t have any posts
  5. I’d say MBNA and lloyds around 2007 maybe and then the Barclaycard was a Passover from egg, very maybe 2 years ago capital one probably 2008-2009. Three a year ago.
  6. Lloyds credit card 8000 - wescot Lloyds OD 2000 -wescot Cap One Cc 12000 still with cap one Barclay card 5000 still with Barclaycard MBNA 7000 still with MBNA Very 3000 Three 500 I think only the Lloyds is defaulted so far and maybe MBNA
  7. “ Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice on the above please? I have not worked since April due to illness and it doesnt look like ill be back at work anytime soon. I have quite a few debts as i had a good job and good salary when i was working. I havent paid any of my debts since May i have now hit 6 months with no payments. I have sold my house as managing the mortgage was also a hindrence due to my current situation, i have some money that i have from the sale of the house, its probably about 70% of what i owe out. I just want some advice on how i should approach the above. Some of my debts havent defaulted yet, should i wait til they have, should i offer the companies now, should i wait longer, im currently at a loss as i dont think my situation will change soon but i also feel a lot of stress due to the situation as its a situation i have never been in before and want to try and remove it as soon as possible. I havent communicated anything to any of my creditors yet which i know is wrong but i just havent known how to face this situation or where to start. Thanks in advance for your replies and help Debts are currently 40K and are all unsecured credit card debts.
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