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  1. Sorry im not fully up to speed with this. what will that give me in terms of what i would need it for?
  2. I haven’t got a run of the charges or anything in all honesty. I logged onto the online account but it looks like it’s now been taken off there. I saw a template in the documents section that’s asks for a refund of charges etc since hardship and was contemplating using that to try and get some refunded if possible. Do you think that would help?
  3. I got it in the end, wouldnt work on my phone so has on my laptop, thanks, Is it worth CCA'ing any of these do you think?
  4. Hi. Sorry I clicked on the link but it just takes me to a forum that doesn’t have any posts
  5. I’d say MBNA and lloyds around 2007 maybe and then the Barclaycard was a Passover from egg, very maybe 2 years ago capital one probably 2008-2009. Three a year ago.
  6. Lloyds credit card 8000 - wescot Lloyds OD 2000 -wescot Cap One Cc 12000 still with cap one Barclay card 5000 still with Barclaycard MBNA 7000 still with MBNA Very 3000 Three 500 I think only the Lloyds is defaulted so far and maybe MBNA
  7. “ Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice on the above please? I have not worked since April due to illness and it doesnt look like ill be back at work anytime soon. I have quite a few debts as i had a good job and good salary when i was working. I havent paid any of my debts since May i have now hit 6 months with no payments. I have sold my house as managing the mortgage was also a hindrence due to my current situation, i have some money that i have from the sale of the house, its probably about 70% of what i owe out. I just want some advice on how i
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