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  1. I understand that CAG doesn't condone lifting - it's a terrible habit that myself and a lot of others get trapped in. If you have any advice on how to fix my problem, I would be very happy to listen. I'm registered as an international student in the UK with Tier 4 visa. I've been in an U.S-speaking curriculum for my entire life which explains why I use words like "mall". Hope the explanation cleared things up for you
  2. I would prefer not to say to avoid giving personal information. As for the choice of lifting from the "shopping center" that I work in, I must admit it was stupid. I do know that you shouldn't take a dump where you eat, but in the heat of the moment you lose the ability to make the best judgement (although I should have made the judgement to never lift in the first place). I do understand that my action is morally wrong and I am not denying that. That is why I want to warn others before it gets too late for them. It only takes one time to really ruin your reputation.
  3. I live in somewhere in South Yorkshire. It started from the beginning of this year and gotten worse as time passes. The adrenaline you get from bluffing to staffs and LPs as you pretend to scan items for CCTV or walking out whilst smiling was intense. As the thrill fades then guilt starts to wash over. The more someone lifts successfully, the more arrogant they will become. This is what Lps prey on I think: If you succeed once, you are gonna come back. They will catch you when you are at your most vulnerable.
  4. Yea I am an international student that studied U.S curriculum. LP stands for "Loss Prevention". They are the people who observe/deter you when you lift. Thanks for the advice, Bazooka Boo, I will do my best.
  5. Hi there, I must admit that I was a frequent lifter. Usual method is self-checkout at many groceries stores. I have not been caught before but came very close today at M&S. I am a student who's currently working at a mall during winter break to make some cash. After work, I decided to head to M&S to grab groceries and pocketed a piece of steak and paid for other items. When I exited the store, I felt someone was following me and quickly turned a corner and ran to hide - it was an M&S LP who followed me. I managed to lose him. Although I didn't get caught, I am very certain that they will look over CCTV and try to ID me. I paid for some of my foods with my debit card as well which could be traceable. Not to mention I work in the same mall that the store is in. If any of you could give me some information about the likelihood of getting caught then please let me know. I will now go to work via a different door and wear different clothes to avoid suspicion. Gonna get a haircut as soon as possible. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. I have decided it is not worth it to save money by lifting. A 7 pounds steak could have costed me my degree and a prosperous future. If you are young and are reading this: please stop before the odds are against you. Regardless of the reason why you steal, the LP will not want to hear it. I wish you the best of luck quitting this toxic habit.
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