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  1. hey HB sorry for the late reply, ive started a new role and working 65 hour weeks. to be honest i havnt done anything apart from check out their linkedin profile which i was tasked with updating etc. the owner now appears to have taken on a director of training and employed another staff member as well. it was just me before running the whole training department. i was tempted to contact hmrc but i am still uneasy as i dont want them to chase me for unpaid tax if he manages to talk his way out of it. in theory i was owed several days holiday as he did not pay me for a day off
  2. Bought another car last friday and traded in my old car for £100.. handed over the log book but i did not fill in the new owner details. i simply handed him the papers. when he gave me the receipt for the deal, he did not put the px car details on the receipt either. he simply took £100 off the price of the car. I did no notice this until i got home. The MOT ran out on the 14th hence the need for a new car. my biggest concern is he has sold the car onto someone else and i am the previous owner, not the trader. am i panicking over nothing or do i need to send
  3. thank you for the advice chaps and sorry for not getting back so long.
  4. I was offered a sales/ admin role for a company near me last year. advertised on indeed as a full time permanent position. nothing in the advert stated self employment. gave p45 from last job, NI number, passport and bank details. paid by bacs every week @ £260. the arrangement was for commission to be paid on top also but did no happen due to lack of business. part of my role was to drive to businesses in my own car. the owner gave me cash everyday for fuel despite asking for it to be placed in my account. after 2 months i became concerned that i had not had any payslip
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