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  1. Thank you for your replies. I purchased the installation service from Tesco as well so they (a company called productcare) did the installation. Just noticed that Tesco Direct is no more so I'll need to figure out whom to contact now. Thanks again Livvy
  2. She literally claims that she came back from holiday to find the glass door busted with glass everywhere. Bought the washing machine from Tesco in May of 2018. I'm guessing that the warranty would be for a year...
  3. Hi Our tenant says she came back from holiday to find the glass door of her washing machine broken. She claims it must have been a manufacturing problem (machine is 22 months old) and demands it to be replaced by us. How can she prove that she didn't break it? Do we have to take her word for it? Thank you!
  4. The solicitor says until they're two full months rent in arrears, I wouldn't be able to serve a section 8 notice so there's nothing I can do basically.
  5. I've booked an appointment with a solicitor to go see her this afternoon. I really think the hot water is an excuse to not pay the rent since she's planning to take on the other half of the rent when her salary clearly can't cover the full rent (estate agent confirmed that her references does not meet the criteria). I don't want to be stuck with this tenant for another 6 months where she'll find other things "broken/not working" in the flat to claim as an excuse to not to pay the full rent. I've already informed the tenants as well as the estate agent that
  6. Thank you again There isn't a break clause in the 1 year Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement and definitely no mention of a "vacating sharer". I agree, I don't think I appreciate my rights as the 'landlord'. When the estate agent says this is how it works (basically saying the first one has a right to leave the contract as long as the second one agrees to pay her share of the rent going forward), I'm not sure how I can object to that since I assume they're the experts in their field. But my problem is that the problem sharer wants to stay even though her own refer
  7. Thank you so much for your replies. Yes, I have text messages from the tenant acknowledging all the visits made by the professionals (handyman + double glazing maintenance person + 4 different plumbers) 4th plumber visited the property 4 different times and on three of those occasions found the boiler turned off. The tenant claimed she didn't know anything about it and said it must have been the other tenant who did that. I have an email from the plumber detailing each visit and he's happy to be contacted by the solicitors if need be. The tenan
  8. I wonder if you could help me with a problem we're having with our tenants. There were originally two friends sharing the contract (1 year fixed term). A month after they moved in one of them asked to break the contract (they're two young girls in their twenties, and they didn't get along). The subject didn't come up again for a few months but apparently the one who wanted to leave started spending more and more time at her parents; house rather than at the flat. In the meantime, we've had countless problems with the remaining tenant, claiming the windows were stuck (s
  9. Thank you for your help! We have a money judgment in our favour of £6,125 and the furniture in the flat will nowhere near cover that amount. I've already taken photos of the stuff that he's left. I put a notice through his door back in December and it was still there when we went in the flat with the bailiffs. So I don't think he's been to the flat since December. The only address that we had was the flat which is where all the notices and court order were sent to. He never showed up to court so I have a feeling he's no longer in the country.
  10. I hope you can help me with this issue. We were most unlucky with our first ever tenant. He was reference checked by the estate agent. He was a non-UK citizen but was working and living in the UK at the time. We weren't his first landlords and the estate agent went us the go ahead so we let him the flat. He only paid 3 months rent and disappeared. My first communication was a call but I didn't leave a message when he didn't pick up. He texted my a few minutes later asking me who I was. When I replied that I was his landlady, he never replied and never picked up my phone after that
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