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  1. Don't you worry about burglars?
  2. I thought they would just adjust my payments accordingly.
  3. Thanks. So does that mean for now I don't need to inform them I have gone over the threshold as it has only been a couple of months?
  4. Thanks for the replies. The money is from benefit payments being saved. Does that mean I can save it? Sorry a little confused what you mean.
  5. Thanks again. I am concerned that at a later date they might ask why I spent it-dispersal of funds or something. Just don't know what is allowed and whats not.
  6. Thanks Andy. Should I phone DWP or just send them a letter?
  7. Hi I am on ESA and PIP. My savings have just gone over the £6000 threshold in the last couple of months. Is it best to phone DWP or should I write to them please? This is causing me great anxiety as I feel like I have done something wrong. I am very thrifty so hardly spend any money preferring to save it as it makes me feel safe to know it is in the bank. I am a very insecure person with lots of struggles with mental health searching for some sort of security. Please advise-thank you.
  8. I contacted them today, they said a form IS10 had been sent out last week but being as I had called might as well complete the form now online. Hopefully I will hear in the next week or so..
  9. Thanks. Will the form be sent to me or do I need to ask for it?
  10. Hi I am in ESA support group and have just been awarded PIP last week. I live alone and no one claims carers allowance for me so I believe I am entitled to SDP. On the Gov website it says you don't need to apply as it will be added automatically. My question is does this actually happen?
  11. How ridiculous. I hope it is not as bad as you fear and that they don't make to many unrealistic demands on you.
  12. I have been reading this and it reminded me of way back in 2009 when I was placed in a work programme. I had been unemployed about a year and up until then I had been working in the same job for 15 years but left due to ill health, applied for ESA which was refused and naively did as I was told. i was in survival mode and if they said jump I jumped much to the detriment of my own health. I had to be at this place for 30 hours a week, sign in and out for 3 months. It was horrendous, or at the very least ridiculous. We had to job search for 6 hours a day but because of the volume of people you would wait hours just to get on a computer so would sit there doing nothing. I had a computer at home that I could of been using but was not allowed to leave even though I was just sitting there. We were lucky if we got access to a PC for an hour in our 6 hour day. I actually felt like a prisoner. To this day I still can't believe that we all, like sheep went along with this nonsense. From what I have read here it does seem to of improved slightly but still seems to be paying people to find unemployable people a job which they are unable to do and sanctioning them if they don't conform.
  13. I am relieved to say that I got my letter today and I have been put back in the SG ESA. I hope this post helps someone, sometimes you are given the right help without the need for MR or Appeals. I have found the whole process so difficult but I had a good and fair outcome.
  14. Thank you Bazooka Boo. I have just called them and made a claim.
  15. Thank you Tomtom. Due to not knowing my rights I think I made a mistake not claiming PIP 3 years ago when my mental health seriously declined and I was placed in SG ESA. It is currently being reassessed but has seriously affected me again so I am barely leaving the house but living alone this is making things so difficult. Does PIP affect HB?
  16. Thanks HB. I took loads of letters but the person that came with me decided we should get copies of them ourselves on the way to the assessment and thats where things went wrong. I had them all in order and knew what was where having spent ages doing it for days before but I got so confused after that and couldn't cope so now I think some letters weren't handed in. My friend was trying to help but I don't think even she realised how much time I had spent organising the letters and making sure they were all there.
  17. Is it worth me contacting DWP to tell them I was in such a state that I feel I missed out important information and even got in such a muddle with my medical letters that I am not sure what I gave them and what I didn't.
  18. Thanks for the replies. My appointment was originally scheduled for the 2nd Jan then it got postponed till the 19th which made my anxiety so much worse as the whole thing is really making me ill, so I phoned and got an earlier appointment. Anyway I have been and now feel there are so many important points I left out as I was in such a state of anxiety.
  19. Please can someone help me I have mental health issues and am in a state of very high anxiety and have been for weeks. I am worried I won't be able to explain myself well or possibly miss things out due my panic. Am I allowed to take notes in with me? Also do they photocopy all my medical letters? I am really panicking. Please can someone help me?
  20. But I genuinely feel unable to cope with the process at all never mind an appeal.
  21. I just phoned Maximus to explain that this is making me ill but the call handler wouldn't let me speak to anyone medically trained and informed me that my appointment has been put back to the 19th Jan which is even worse. Can my GP request that I am given a paper assessment on the grounds of my deteriorating mental health?
  22. Thanks Hillards for the reply. If I postpone I will prolong the anxiety which will only make things worse. The GPs letter will be ready in time, my problem is that my mental health is rapidly deteriorating with the fear of the assessment and outcome as not able to express myself well.
  23. I hope someone might be able to help me. I have borderline personality disorder diagnosed 3 years ago after a crisis which led me to being put on ESA without the need for a face to face interview. I am now due a reassessment on 2nd Jan which I have to attend the stress of worrying about it has triggered a deterioration in my mental health I now feel I am on the verge of a crisis. I live on my own and have no real support. Is it worth me phoning Maximus, will they listen? If not can someone advise me please. I have a letter from my Psychologist (who has now left the NHS so I can no longer see her) and my GP is in the process of writing one. I think I messed up my reassessment form as I filled it in on my own whilst in a panic just to get it done and gone as I couldn't deal with thinking about it. I feel fragile vulnerable and sort of out of control.
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