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  1. You have left the card reference number on this copy
  2. More than 14 days have passed now - I take it that you have not heard from cabot or restons?
  3. I take it that you currently have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for 6 months? If so when that comes to an end it automatically goes into rolling contract and as long as you pay them monthly (which I would setup a standing order to the EA for the rent) - Then the EA / LL would have to go down the eviction route (but for what???) - when they have a tenant that is paying the rent on time and looking after the property. What a LL wants most is tenants that pay rent on time and look after the property and not cause issues with neighbours.
  4. Sorry - I did not see you had mentioned it was three, I would not be over concerned at the mo' and maybe deal with it IF they send a pre-court action letter
  5. H, can you provide more details? - mobile provider? - post up the letter (with personal info masked)
  6. Who is the DCA and Solicitor? (I would put a bet on, that the sols are cohen - from looking at that POC)
  7. Hi Amazingly, If your last payment to them was Sept 2014 - then unfortunately it it not SB - and as DX has asked we need to know the type of debt it is.
  8. Yes, you might owe money to this company - but the way they go about it is WRONG - NAME & SHAME them! Lets say all was paid up on date of fitting - but a few weeks later you had an issue with the blinds, I bet they would NOT help you & would give you the run around. Don't protect this company and let others fall pray to them. Don't be scared by them, if they do come calling at your home (use your mobile to film and/or just voice record them) and if you feel threatened (and more so if you have young children in the house) call 999
  9. What Andy is saying is correct. If the full amount of judgement is not paid in 28 days a CCJ is recorded on your credit file. To help clarify it for you, maybe this example will help? If the claim was for £200 but the Judge made judgement that you owe £100 to the claimant and you were ordered to pay £25 a month 4 months. Then if you paid £100 with 28 days no CCJ would be recorded.
  10. It might be why they stopped court proceedings as it might not be enforceable and or it would take ages to get the full amount from you this way (also I bet they did not follow pre-court action protocol). So they decided to bully you into paying instalments more than you can afford. I would from now on, ONLY communicate with them in writing and hold off any more payments to them until you get further advice here on CAG on the best way forward. The priority is you and your families health and well-being and to make sure your priority bills are paid (rent/mortgage, council tax etc)
  11. I hope you got a receipt for the payments you made - I would not answer the door next time - They are bullying you and forcing you in to payments you can not afford. Was there a contract that you signed with payment terms in the 1st place when you ordered the blinds?
  12. I had ResolveCall sent to my address by crabot a few years back - I solved the problem by not answering the door to people i don't know - Found out it was them as they put a note through, saying that they had called round.
  13. Also note, that just because debts don't show with the CRA (as 6 years have passed) - its does not automatically mean the debt is done and dusted
  14. Post up a list of the debt(s) you owe (amount and type) and to whom and last date you paid/acknowledged them with the OC and/or a DCA
  15. So what was the letter all about then? Who was that from?
  16. Strange - Well hopefully your call to MCOL will clear things up
  17. After you created your account on MCOL - did you EVER complete the section 'Acknowledgement of Service'
  18. I am leaning to what Dx and Ford say above, Need to find out what options there are on the 40K one. Because if that is still a valid claim then bankruptcy would be the option I would take.
  19. Sorry to hear the news. Things do seem amiss here. It's looks like you will have a CCJ recorded against you unless you pay the full amount ASAP Did you register on MCOL & acknowledge the claim on MCOL? Why did you post the defence? It seems that your defence filing date was more like 9th of Dec, as I don't think you acknowledged receiving the claim on MCOL.
  20. You should submit your defence online if you acknowledged the claim via MCOL
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