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  1. Have just sent an email complaining to the CMA about this. Thinking of the best way to approach this letter to Bannatynes without using foul language haha
  2. I don’t understand how they can send it to a “solicitors” when: 1: they never advised when I had to technically pay by before they took it this far 2: I told them back in November to look at the phone records when I spoke to the member of staff on the 10th may who said the fees would be waived - they told me to pay £10 to access these calls as it’s by law apparently, I have a recording of bannatynes saying they don’t have phone recordings in the branches. I’m dreading this as like everyone out there can’t financially afford to pay this or go to court as I’m just lookin t
  3. Hi all, Today I have came home and received a letter from Major Law Solicitors on behalf of ARC on behalf of Bannatynes. “Instructing me they have been sent to recover debt which is still outstanding. Unless we hear from you within 14 days we will seek clients instructions regarding issuing a county court claim against you in Northampton County Court for the recovery. The following costs will be added upon issue: Debt balance £255.23 Court fee £25 Solicitors costs £50 Annual interest: £20.42 Now gone up to £350 What do I do now and who do I go back to?
  4. Hi!! At what point do I write to them again or seek further advise? They have resent me the same email from November, advising that the document I provided for relocation is not significant enough and my account is placed on hold for 14 days while I pay the discounted amount or get a different document for proof of relocation. How unprofessional emailing the exact same email 2 months later!! Thank you
  5. I do apologise. This is all way above my head to be honest. Never had to do anything like this so completely mind blown by it. Cautious of saying or doing the wrong thing
  6. Hi, Still not received anything back from them - people say no news is goods news right? Don’t think they’d drop the case just like that would they? Thank you for your advise!!
  7. Hi, They received my letter I sent on the 28th December. They have tried ringing my house phone on countless occasions. I have blocked the number. Just waiting for them to contact me back in writing. They always seem to get in contact on a Friday just before the weekend lol! Thank you everyone!!
  8. Hi, Thank you for your advice, I sent the letter yesterday recorded delivery and probably due to the time of year they won’t get it until next week or even the new year. They sent me an email yesterday saying “my account with bannatynes has been transferred to ARC for account management please get in contact as soon as possible to make payment” Do I ignore this and only deal with them in writing via mail? Thank you
  9. No I didn’t tell them this was temporary, as far as they know I was relocating when I spoke to a member of their staff at the branch I just said I was relocating she wished me all the best said she would get it cancelled - silly me for listening to that
  10. Hi, Thank you for your help really appreciate this. I moved to another county which was 15 miles away from a bannatynes gym as it was only temporary over 2 months I didn’t have anything hard evidence to proof I moved there other than a letter. I did go away to Thailand but that was only for a short period of time as I didn’t like it. ARC haven’t told me i have to pay this money by a set date or anything either which I find strange how can they demand money but not tell you when you’ve got to pay it by? Thank you
  11. Hi! 1. I moved to Plymouth where there is no bannatynes in site but it was between travelling from my home address and to Plymouth so very much temporary and no time to go to the gym with commuting. This was what I sent bannatynes “I am writing to you, to cancel my membership with Bannatynes as of 20/04/16. I am unfortunately relocating to another country where you can not provide the facilities or membership for me anymore. Therefore please take this email as my cancellation and I will cancel the direct debit after the next payment in May 2016.” I can’t even find the reply a
  12. I had obviously spoken to them when I got the letter but you think from now on ignore them? Iv done so much research on it and people say ignore it then others say don’t so thought I’d give it ago on here! Then people tell me about I might go to court over * They said if I could provide evidence of relocating 15 miles away from a bannatynes gym they would waive the fee. They didn’t say how I could provide this evidence so I sent them a letter signed by the person I stayed with - not good enough they then decided it had to be a bill of some sort.
  13. Hi, Never done one on these before so not sure how to begin. I joined Bannatyne's on a 12 month contract for the gym I think I may have been 6 months within my contract and then due to relocation I wanted to cancel my contract. I sent bannatynes an email on the 16th April expressing I was relocating therefore out of courtesy I would make one final payment in May of £35 and cancel my direct debit. I had an email saying I could freeze my account or pass my membership on, but no one wants to buy a contract for a gym from someone & I was in no position to freeze
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