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  1. Happy to make a donation. This forum was very helpful. In short, I called them directly and shared what happened along with my mitigating circumstances. I then sent an email to them referencing my account of the incident and they settled. They shared that first-time offenders, who were courteous to their revenue inspection officers with mitigating circumstances had a chance of settling.
  2. Thank you, all, especially Old-Codja for refining my response. I will take a look and come back with questions if I have them.
  3. Its just signed off by the prosecutions manager, but it makes sense to address it to them. Thanks. One thing I forgot to mention is that I asked the inspector if it would help if I checked my diary to see if I actually travelled using the pre-dated ticket as I knew the week prior I had filled out a ticket then not travelled due to work. He took this in my statement as I said 'I didn't travel on the pre-dated ticket'. I later checked my diary and I did travel using the predated ticket in question but didnt the day prior (effectively wasting a ticket). I appreciate this c
  4. Hi all, What are your thoughts on this response to the train company; To whom it may concern, I apologise profusely for my regretful actions. I pride myself on my integrity and honesty and I feel shameful for my moment of very poor judgement. As a family man and the sole income earner for the family (my wife is on maternity leave), a criminal record would be completely devastating on us, as my employment relies upon a clean criminal record. I was having a particularly forgetful week during the week of my caution, as I was very sleep deprived after the recent birth of o
  5. Thank you for all your insight, I will post my intended response on here today and I would appreciate your thoughts prior to me posting it back to Thamleslink.
  6. Hi HB, Based on similar cases, do you have any thoughts on what the penalty might be? I am worried sick! Will they be more lenient based on my honesty?
  7. Hello, all Today I received an intention to prosecute from Thamleslink railway in relation to an incident some weeks ago. To provide some background, I was having a pretty forgetful few days... I left my coat & gloves on the train, forget my suit when attending a wedding and in relation to this post, I forget to get a train ticket. For context, I was extremely sleep deprived as I recently became a father for the first time and was under a ton of pressure. At around 6am, I arrived at my train station late for my train which I was under pressure to ma
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