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  1. yes i asked several times for a chargeback and gave the reasons why i was asking for it, they passed me to the fraud team who said it wasnt fraud and passed me back to the normal team, they said they had to check their criteria for chargebacks and came back with it can take up to 6 days. I have written a letter to Santander, shall I upload it here for review before i send it?
  2. fraud dept have put me back on to the main bank, they say its a debit card dispute, she is going to check the criteria to see what she can do. 6 working days to investigate
  3. Really? I thought it would take days to come back the bank are putting me through to the fraud squad.
  4. I haven’t even got £10 for a SAR I was borrowing money tomorrow from a friend to get me enough petrol for work till Friday so I can use some of that
  5. They phone me at work, I’ll need to check the record of calls tomorrow when I’m in, I can’t find any paperwork from Santander I’ll phone them tomorrow and see what they can do. I think someone mentioned I should get a bank recall on the payments I’ve made is that a good idea?
  6. I don’t have the number, they just phoned me but I do have a mobile number from a text they sent me
  7. Will do, thanks. I’ll be on the move shortly but I’ve saved this forum to my phone so I can Keep an eye on replies.
  8. it doesnt say, just shows the months and a red dot for missed payments from july, aug, sept (these are the 3 payments i knew i missed) but also for october and november. ive paid 1080 to LCR since october.
  9. its also showing up a mortgage i took out in 2012 with my now ex wife, i signed the house over to her 4 years ago so why is it still on my record?
  10. Its showing missed payments since july, its not showing the payments i made to LCR in october and november
  11. i didn't get any letters from santander, they phoned me a few times but didn't leave a message and i ignored the call because i was worried about not paying them. i have been trying to start up a business which is taking way longer than i thought and its been eating into my own personal money, that's why i've been falling behind on payments.
  12. yes im resident in scotland and took the loan out while here, i should have the agreement somewhere, might even have an electronic version of it. I moved house just after getting the car and put a 6 month forward on my mail, i also wrote to everyone i was in contact with and gave my new address.
  13. im not sure how much, i missed about 3 payments of 265 and LCR contacted me at work on the 12th october and said i had to pay 460 per month for 6 months, i told them i had no money until pay day on the 27th she said she can wait till then but the payments would go up to 540 odds. she phoned again on the 27th and i paid it by card over the phone, she said the next payment would be due on the 24th november, i ended up in a full day meeting out of the office on the 24th and thats when she rang my work looking for me, I have just spoken to the staff member who too
  14. Wow, that's amazing advice to read. I'm stuck in a rut thinking everything's my fault and i deserve it but your advice is making great sense now. I would need to look up Lanarkshire recovery address, i don't even know what their phone number is, iv had a text from them but it seems to be a private mobile number. the staff member would be happy to make a statement and i still have the text she sent me. Im at work just now but ill make time to call santander as the next payment is due next friday, i used to pay 265 per month.
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