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  1. But I only got the ban after the £30 thing. Therefore if I go in again, then I’m a trespasser, but not before...
  2. I've been reading, there's just not much about Waitrose which is what worried me. Thank you. Can employers find out about this?
  3. If I ignore it, what could happen? They took all the shopping and I'm not going to go back! How many letters will they send until it stops? I'm just panicked and want it sorted. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Hiya, I tried to take about £30 of shopping from Waitrose today. I know I'm an idiot (hence the username) I'm not doing it again, I've been scared about it and want to just move on. I'm worried about the civil recovery thing. I admitted to having taken something before on one occasion from Waitrose and so they gave me a lifelong ban. They didn't contact the police but they scanned my ID and took a photo of my face. I got given a letter from RPL. What legal advice do I need to get? They told me I will get a fine 'probably around £100'. When will I get this letter, does anyone know? what happens now? The letter says at the bottom: 'In principle the Data Protection Act 1998 does not prevent the use of data for civil recovery and employment screening purposes... Your personal data may be stored and used by prospective employers within client companies to make employment decisions...' What does this mean realistically? I think I might want to work with kids as a teacher - will this stop me from being able to? Any help is appreciated.
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