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  1. I just had a proper look and if they had done any checks they no longer show on my report LOL I’ll keep you all posted of progress
  2. From what it seems there doesn’t appear to be any checks - I’m going to have another look and go through it properly though and see if there’s anything on it. Thank you for your help
  3. Lol fko Excellent - going to get it done tomorrow Just a quick question though. When I ask for a copy of original agreement etc - do I need to mention that I don’t agree with amount owed or do I leave that until they respond? Do I also ask for a full break down of interest/charges as well? Will also get that IL claim sorted too Thanks so much for all your help. Really, really appreciate it
  4. Fko - which letter did you want me to upload? The one I received from bw legal? I don’t have officelense - am I going to have to download it? I could just copy the exact wording from the letter And type them on here if that would help? I think I’ve figured out how to upload so if it’s the bw letter let me know and I will upload it
  5. Sorry guys. I’m getting a little stressed and confused with all this info All I need to do is reply to BW and request the original credit agreement? Is it worth asking for a breakdown of any interests/charges as I don’t believe I owe the amount they’re stating. I have no idea if any interest or charges have been added Paydayuk helped themselves to various amounts of money from my account I also need to write to payday uk direct to start an irresponsible lending complaint? Sorry if I’m sounding a little thick here but I’m so confused on what I need to do A
  6. Thanks dx. I don’t have any other debts so I shouldn’t get any back door ccj’s Its BW that are writing to me at my current address - I didn’t make that clear sorry. So just to confirm. I’m writing to paydayuk directly and providing them with current address and I’m also sending bw the same letter advising them of what I’m doing and providing them my current address too? Did that make sense?
  7. Oh dx/fko apologies. I didn’t mention in my original post that I had since moved address which probably explains why I never heard from them. They are writing to address I currently reside so if I am to complain about irresponsible lending do I give the old address at which the loan was taken out at or do I give current one?
  8. Excellent dx. Thanks so much for your help and assistance so far I will keep you all updated and will post back if I hear anything further from B W
  9. Dx - I will do this - is there any template letters anywhere that I can have a look at before I start letter? Also - what’s a PAP letter? Sorry. I’m so new to this. I don’t know all the terminology Fko - thank you so much. I’m going to have a thorough read now and I will let you know how I get on Thank you both so much
  10. Really appreciate your help so far. Ford & fko - I’ll attempt to upload. I’m no good with tech lol Fko I can imagine. I’ve read some horror stories about them I’m not even sure I have the energy to deal with them I’ve looked at the IL link but need to sit down and read it properly. Ford. Apologies if I don’t sound the brightest here but what am I checking for on my credit report? To see if they provided checks etc?
  11. Shall I wait this out and see if I hear anything further or should I get an Irresponsible lending claim in as dx suggested? I don’t agree with the amount they’re suggesting I owe Should I be requesting original credit agreement etc? Hi Ford. Thanks for responding My credit was bad at the time as I had Wonga loans too and my income was low - I may not have told them this though as I was so desperate at the time. I was thinking of doing that. Maybe sitting it out until something more formal comes through and then taking it from there. What do you think?
  12. Thanks for responding both dx - sorry I’m confused. There was nothing else with the letter, no I&E form or response form. It just just says call them and set up arrangement and it also explains how to pay. The letter states - final request. Arrangement for your balance of £420 needs to be paid within 14 days, failing which your account will be considered for legal action. The next letter you will receive from us will be a letter of claim prior to the issuing of a county court claim Bankfodder - according to my bank statement they last took a payment from my account in May 2012 - I have never corresponded or acknowledged since Oh thanks dx. Just seen your second response. Credit was shot? Sorry, I’m not aware of all the slang etc I will check out the link - is it a good idea to do this? Don’t want to reset the clock etc
  13. Hello All In 2012 I took out a payday loan with PaydayUK for the sum of £400. At the time of taking the loan out I was on a low income and I wasn’t able to pay my rent I took out the loan to cover rent costs - stupid idea I know but at the time I had no other way of getting the money I didn’t pay this loan back as I couldn’t afford too. I vaguely remember contacting them to advise them of this but they were really unhelpful and I just ended up not paying and I heard nothing for 5 years. In December 2016 I received a letter from PRAC/BW Legal saying they have purchased the debt - I ignored this and heard nothing further up until now . I have received 2 emails from them also - they were just copies of the letters I had received in the post The most recent letter (final request for payment)states that if I don’t contact them within 14 days, my account may considered for legal action and it states that the next letter I receive will be a letter of claim prior to the issuing of a county court claim BW claim I owe £420 and I think this is incorrect . I decided to check my credit reports and my bank account. On my credit report it states I borrowed £500 and I know for a fact I did not take that amount. I also checked my bank statements and it shows the payment of £400 which was paid in - and it also shows that they had taken a total Of £314 over various payments with my card from February to May 2012 as they had CPA - I remember at one point they completely cleared my account and they gave a me a measly refund of £34 - I remember calling them angrily as they’d completely emptied my account and stated that they would keep on taking money from my account so I think I may have cancelled my card. I have not made any other payments and I have not had any contact with payday uk or PRAC/BW Legal I’m assuming they are getting heavy handed as I’m pretty sure it’s getting close to the 6 Years (not sure how I would find out when the 6 years is up) Just wanted to know what action I should take? What is likelihood of them actually taking me to court Any advice will be greatly greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
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