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  1. The only thing I can see on the paperwork is 'Product Insurance' which covers fire and theft. Does anyone know where I stand Legally on whether I should pay for something I haven't got?
  2. Hi Yeah we still have the paperwork, and will go through it tomorrow. Is there any letter templates I can use regarding this as I am not paying for something I dont have, surely that is illegal? I am still seething at her attitude in the shop, proper smug.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I do have a witness that they said up to 10 Days turnaround. Do you know where I stand Legally on paying for it when I don't actually have it? I am sure if I said it will be 10 days before I pay you they would have something to say.
  4. Hi all Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I will try and explain my problem. I got a Laptop from BH about 4 Months ago and it has developed a fault, it keeps freezing and it wont let me factory reset it, keeps saying unable to reset and unable to diagnose any problems. We use it for my Partners business (DJ) and only have the software on it nothing else. We took it in to the Newcastle store today and I think it was the Manager we dealt with. she was very very off with us. She said (about 10 times) that because we didnt take out some Care thing they have to send it away for up to 10 days. We asked can we return it and get a replacement she very arroganty said No, because its all these new contracts now and we didn't take out this care thing they cant do anything. We then asked if we still have to pay for something we haven't got, and she said yes of course its the new contract and we didn't take out this care thing, thats all she kept repeating, he was smirking all the time too as if she was enjoying it. Now all I am after is some info regarding the Legalities of this, Can I ask for a replacement under the Sale of Goods Act and do their contracts trump UK and EU Law? I am prepared to go down the Legal route with this and the press to and give them some more bad publicity. All I want is for something that is 4 Months old to work. I know it's not their fault that it doesn't work but it's not mine either and I was under the impression that the onus is on the Retailer to sort it out. Oh she also said I done something to the Laptop which is why it doesn't work which is borderline slander, and I have a witness. I even asked if we could return it and then take out a new agreement for a different model, she took great delight in telling us no as we didnt take out this care, lol she must have said this a million times. Anyway thanks in advance for your help.
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