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  1. Hi they want me to remove the whole ramp i removed the top decks as soon as they said they were the problem, no one has ever been up there, we asked the neighbour if my son could go up there ,she said no so we never allowed him up there. evan though ive removed the top decks they still say its a raised platform, ive invited them round to view it ive also asked them what i can do to make it legal in there eyes and ive also asked them what size ramp is legal in a uk garden without planning permission, they've failed to reply, i have tried looking it up but failed ,i shall try again and do what you've suggested. thanks for your help.
  2. No i did it unknowingly, and removed it as soon as they explained in the letter about the raised platforms, also i asked them what modifications i could do to the ramp so it could stay, i also asked them what size ramp you could have in a uk back garden without planning permission, they didn't respond, it quite clearly states in the gov appeal notes that the council must give you advice about modification and work with me to find a solution which they have not. What im asking is is there interpretation of the law or is it fact.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, Yes the council has been round,im afraid it didn't go well and it ended with me telling them to leave. when they looked at it it did have to raised platforms either end ,they call these parts the deck . in hindsight i didn't realise that my son going on top of the deck ends would cause a problem ,the council pointed out that these were raised platforms so i removed them both ends so now there is no platform either end.
  4. Ive built a skateboard ramp for my son in the back garden, because of my neighbour on are left complained evan though she can't see or hear the ramp in use the council have said it has to be removed because its a raised platform and i should of got planning permission, There is no platforms on the top either end. Can i dispute the councils decision have it removed in court? ,what are my options?,the neighbour to are right agrees that it makes no noise and they can't see it. the ramp at its highest point(the vertical bit) is 6.5 feet no higher than any of my neighbours out buildings.The flat part is only 6 inches of the ground. The kent county council have given me 3 months to remove it or there starting court action, A childs trampoline would have far more impact on are neighbours.
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