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  1. The companies are freelancer.com and amazon and the third is a credit card i never applied for called AQUA. The card company have told me that they are holding me liable for the debt . The biggest chunk of money went to freelancer.com and they took approx 50 payments ranging from 2 to 980 pounds I am not sure i am sending a private message right
  2. At the beginning of this year i was shocked to see 2 companies that i didn't recognise taking money out of my TSB bank account via my debit card. Add's up to approx £15k i was oversea's at the time i called and informed that these were not my charges [ one charge after the other]. They would tell me the correct person was not there or that i had to speak with someone in fraud department but could not have the number. They had to call me. I waited and got no calls. I was shocked that despite informing the bank of these fraudulent charges that new charges from same company kept being debited. When i finally got a chance to talk with fraud dept i was told they would not put these charges back and that i had to call the companies directly. The companies have been no help to assist me. What kind of step should i take next?
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