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  1. "all of sudden" here meant, i saw it all of sudden. It was possibly on well before i got to it. I currently have no points and haven't done any speed awareness courses before. I was in the middle lane with no traffic in front of me. i was doing approx 68mph. It is very likely drivers behind me got a ticket too.
  2. Hi all, I was recently on the M25 around 2:45am. Car was set on cruise control on the legal road limit i.e. 70mph. All of a sudden, due to roadworks up ahead, the variable speed limit kicked in to 50mph. I tried to slow down in time gradually, being cautious of traffic behind me. (didnt want to slow down all of sudden and risk getting hit from behind). the speed camera got me @ 59mph (variable speed limit - 50mph). Now I've received an intention of prosecution in the post. What are the chances I can get away from this with as little pain as possible?
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