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  1. but im innocent, plus its been more than 6 years since final payment made i dont need credit nor will i apply for a mortgage so im fine
  2. no i not going to ring them if they dont have my details im in the clear i dont own any property ive no money so im ok it def came on a redirection i just keep renewing my redirection
  3. my old address is the only address on my credit file i live with my parents so im not on the electoral role and even worl have my old address and bank too
  4. i dont have any ccjs as i checked nothing on mu credit file nobys knows my new address so they cant find me
  5. whats the point of ringing them when i know i paid it off they could say i havent and make me pay for something i dont owe who are restons solicitors btw
  6. yes it is why? statue barred? how its halifax and its not on my credit file no more but im sure it was do i ignore it
  7. hello new here can you help i had solicitors letter on behalf of arrow saying they want full payment today or they will take me to court its been over 6 years since i paid off the halifax credit card, yet they saying i have not paid ive moved house since few times so no proof and my post comes on a redirection so they dont know my new address, phone number job or email addresses i know its a mistake can i ask after 6 years is the claim dropped? is it no longer enforceable? only got the letter when i got in last night and they only gave me today to contact th
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