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  1. We didn't get a letter from finance train, but a letter from amigo which stated that the information came from finance train, which was confirmed by amigo via telephone, and as well as express finance as well (whom were the first people in that little chain to get the details from them). It is the financetrain.co.uk that passed on the details however, not financetrain.com from what I remember Also another little update, after emailing and checking noddle as well and noticing probably close to 20 different companies either running scans, emailing, phoning and texting rega
  2. Actionfraud just said they'd look into it. We rang them as soon as we got the british gas letter. I don't know exactly what they've done so far but probably a whole lot of nothing. I've currently taken myself down a huge rabbit hole to do with these companies (MDX) and found a lot of interesting stuff out however
  3. They've attempted to put through an application for a loan with her name, i believe old bank details and old phone number. We don't know if its someone who's leaked the information (IE the loan company she has used but if it related back to them, i have an email stating they haven't done it which means I'll be speaking to the FCA and ombudsman about that if it ends up being them). We also received back in the start of November a letter from British Gas stating we had set up a plan with them regarding gas I believe it was (we're with eon and have been for as long as I re
  4. This will be a long post, so bare with me on this. A few weeks ago, my mother received a letter from Amigo loans. Strangly enough, telling her to confirm her details for her recent loan application. Pretty strange, I mean we've heard of them but NEVER used them or even been on their site. I decide to ring up, find out what it's about (maybe its a mistake or error). NOPE. They recieved a application from a company called Express Finance. Again, never heard of them. But amigo gave us the contact information for them, and took mum off their system. And
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