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  1. All sorted - last minute 'good condition' bonus was paid so I brought agreement up to date. Felt sick at the memory of fighting eviction through courts again - I was poleaxed to see current cost of n244 is £255 (think we paid around £100 in 2012). @ Ell-enn. Good to know for future. I would have been prepared and even understood 'scrutiny', would have given them proof of income/expenditure, proof of circumstances, wage slips, limited evidence from bank statements, but that's not what they did last time they had our bank statements. Hence reluctance. Hope all is well with you.
  2. Hello all, I faced eviction in 2012 and received amazing help here from Ell-enn and a few regs, the order was suspended (Oakwood Homeloans) but here I am back again with a query. We have maintained the arrangement we made that day with no real problems. The arrangement was an extra £100 pm in addition to normal monthly payment. In that time we missed one payment at the end of last year as my husband had been off sick. We sent sick notes and apart from the usual idiocy form Oakwood (refusing to communicate by letter only, delaying tactics yadda yadda) we got the agreement back in place without too much trouble. Husband is a community nurse and up until recently we had a lease car for his job. My Mum helped with the payments but she couldn't any longer so we faced getting a new car from scratch. We went to a credit union saved the money we were paying for lease and this month bought a car. Expense wise its worked out exactly the same as what we were previously paying so it's fine. However the things like insurance deposit, car tax and such like put strain on finances (couple of other things but don't want this to go on and on) meant we couldn't pay the mortgage at end of October. We contacted Oakwood straight way in advance told them everything, although at this point we were hoping to get a 'good condition' bonus on the lease car to pay it. Didn't happen. We did pay the £100 agreement just not the standard monthly amount of £450.00. They replied that unless we paid what we owed by 30/11 the agreement *may* have to be cancelled in which case they would need an updated IE form and three months bank statements. Now, whilst I am prepared to give them proof of everything that has contributed to this I am massively reluctant to give them bank statements as they did this last time and put us through hell making us ring back every week just for them to question every tiny transaction such as £10.00 at primark and the like even though these things were all fully costed on IE form. What do you advise we do? I'll send them edited bits of bank statements to show proof of IE or payment for car etc and anything else they want but they are such cowboys I am unsure how to proceed. Our original arrears were about 5.5k and they are now just under 2k. Other than this blip we are pretty stable financially moving forward - we have cleared lots of minor debts since 2012. Can anybody offer any advice? In a nutshell - Do they have a right to see our bank statements and can we refuse without jeopardising the suspended eviction order?
  3. I am helping my Mum deal with her late sisters estate. They lived together all their lives and the property was mortgaged to my aunt alone and was only partially paid off. So it had to be sold . The property is now under offer. Naturally, Amber have been utterly horrendous. My mother is a pensioner and disabled yet they have whacked all kinds of charges on until letters of administration were granted, even though she has paid the interest on the mortgage and was in contact with them from the very beginning. My question - there appears from looking through paperwork endless charges over the years. Arrears, home visits all that kind of stuff. Can my mum make a claim and if yes is it limited by how long the house takes to go through?
  4. I've probably used the wrong term eek. She was the one who applied for probate and was appointed to distribute the estate by the probate office. So, no will to execute but in sole charge ? Sorry, I'm rubbish at this. My aunt did have a ppi payout on a bank loan a couple of years before she became ill.
  5. My mum has lived in the house since she was 11. My aunt bought it (in a dreadful state of disrepair) around 10-12 years ago, borrowed more to do it up. It was shorter term mortgage due to her age. Essentially, she had 7 years left to run on the mortgage (she died at 58) but she struggled terribly keeping up repayments, this was further worsened when she became ill and couldn't work. It was bought from the local council but I believe all housing stock is now housing assoc.
  6. Hello. My Mum lived all her life with her sister who bought their house under the right to buy scheme. Sadly, my aunt died prematurely last November leaving no will and an outstanding balance on the mortgage of 70k. House is worth about 120 approx. The mortgage company are Amber Homeloans and are notoriously dreadful. They have merely sent letters saying she has 12 months to sell. In the meantime she is paying the interest only. My Mum is sole executor and has been granted letters of administration. Under intestancy rules she is only entitled to a 6th of the estate as there are 6 siblings (all comfortably off, married, secure) but 3 of them think they are entitled to their share despite my Mum being left with hardly anything to secure her future. Just wondered if there was anything I've not thought of that would allow her to stay in her home
  7. Hello renegadeimp - it was an email not a letter. They simply sent me a repayment schedule that showed the monthly amount spread over the three loans - it was done in a ratio so that each loan had the same percentage paid off, so no, none of the loans would have been paid off before the default day (18/0702013). I understand they can record a default regardless of a repayment plan, that's not really my isssue as Wonga have done the same, it's the fact they are sending it to a debt collector and saying I have not responded to any contact!
  8. I have had a repayment plan in place with payday express. I have paid every single month without fail. It was for three outstanding loans. The total amount now owed is £220. They told me they would take the monthly payment amount and spread it over the three loans. However, about a month ago they started harassing me with 'escalation'. Perplexed, I mailed them - no reply. I checked my account and they have only taken the repayment amount off 1 loan mostly and have recorded a default on the other two even though I have it in writing that they would spread my repayment across all three loans. I have now mailed 6 times - got 'read receipts' for all of them. I sent a recorded 'signed for' delivery lodging a formal complaint last week. I've now just received a mail saying they have referred my account to a debt collecting agency. What the hell else can I do here?
  9. I' ll try to be brief! I entered into a repayment plan with Wonga starting 30/11/2012. I pay via standing order. I have made every single payment as promised. However they *lost* payments, they contact me every month saying I haven't paid, threaten escalation, refuse to communicate by email. Every time I mail them they send me a generic 'this would be better sorted out by phone' mail and it goes round in circles every single month till they *locate* the payments and apologise. Last month was the worst and essentially their ineptitude made me think the wrong bank details had been input by myself and all my payments had gone elsewhere (they hadn't, but for a few hours I was sick with anxiety) In addition to this my husband is currently receiving treatment for cancer (the loans are in his name) I have told them this and last month threatened to report them until they located all the payments and verified this via email. Eventually...that's what they did. Paid my installment yesterday...guess what? Mail ten minutes ago threatening escalation etc. I'm keeping all this from my husband, but I'm at my wits end so now I need to know who to report them to because I am going round in ceircles on the OFT website - I cannot find any info on what I shouold do or how and who to contact : (
  10. Yes - and I mailed them incessantly till they confirmed they were right (took them 4 weeks to do that) so I've got the details twice. Why the hell are they giving out different account numbers?
  11. I will do that - thing is I reckon they DO have the payments because my account balance has remained static they are not hammering it with charges AND they are making no attempt to recover the debt via any other channel so there must be something stopping them. Thanks btw.
  12. Totally different to the ones I was given - I have - Barclays Sort Code: 200605 Account Number: 43151468
  13. I haven't got the bottle to do that - just leave it in mid-air I'm too much of a stressbag. I need to know where the hell my money is going to if they can't find it or are refusing to even attempt to locate it.
  14. @renegadimp - well that's what I thought, just a standard notice (emailed to me) but it looks like no-one else is getting these? I haven't checked my credit file.
  15. I have an arrangement all paid on time but they issued me with a default notice last month ? Also I reached the agreement within days so it wasn't protracted. ok I'm starting panic I seem to be having a totally different experience with Wonga than everyone else.
  16. I have a repayment plan with Wonga. I pay £45 per month. I have paid three installments via standing order. There should technically be no problems as they have agreed it, and I am paying it with no problems. However they refuse to confirm they have rec'd the payments (I mailed to check the bank details from wonga as they are different to any I've ever seen posted in this forum) and they point blank have refused to let me know despite the (12) emails I have sent - they simply reply with the generic mail " please call us" Finally this morning they say they haven't had any payments and 'please call us". I am adamant to keep this to email - yet despite supposedly not getting payment, nor updating my online balance, they haven't chased up the debt in way - no calls, no nothing just responses to MY emails. This si since September. Can someone please tell me how to deal with this They did confirm the bank details eventually - but not my payments(obviously I have proof as they are all on my bank statements)
  17. Hi all - just a quick update to let you know how I got on. I emailed both companies on Sunday evening with a brief outline of why we couldn't pay. An income/exp form and two other pieces of supporting evidence (proof of attending court re mortgage etc) The two firms in question were 1 Month Loan and Wonga. 1 Month loan were extremely fast and dealt with all my mails virtually immediately. They said they would block all phone calls at my request (they did). By Tuesday they had accepted the proposals and I have set up as standing order. My debt was 455 and they have accepted 25 per month to be reviewed after January (at my request) So no problems there. Wonga - bit of a pain in the neck initially. Sent them the same info but they kept phoning rather than answering the emails. I sent the original one twice and also submitted a contact form ...all of which generated a system response so they definitely got them but it's taken till this morning for them to actually mail me. However, they have accepted the proposals and I am just waiting for their bank dets to set up a standing order. The debt was 855 and they have accepted 45 again with me requesting a review in Jan. The form requesting cancellation of any payments to both firms was vital though. Although I have still received no indication from Santander that these were actioned, they must have been as 1monthloan said they had an automatic system of trying to collect payments which they have now stopped due to reaching an agreement (how kind!) Anyway - thanks again to everyone for the much needed advice. What an ordeal!
  18. Oh thank you Bombay mix - ha they can phone all they like, I'm going to turn it off and spend the weekend in my pyjamas eating Doritos Ell-enn - I promise 100% I am truly able to be relaxed now! As outlined I plan to be a total slob, in addition my neighbour has just bought me a huge bag of assorted scented candles because I cut her lawn for her...so bubble bath, candles, scoff. Sorted Hope everyone has a lovely weekend too x ps - we've had biblical type rain here for almost a week...today....SUNNY!!!
  19. Thank you renegadeimp, and yes, I fully intend to once I've sorted the payment plans out. Essentially, a law exists and banks are not adhering to it robustly. Due to this I had to cancel direct debits, open a new account and suffered immeasurable stress. It actually all went to plan for me in the end - reading through threads here I'm very much in the minority. I've no doubt my complaint will meet the usual brick wall of corporate bollocks, but still.
  20. Oh happy day...the payment to the pdl company was declined. I knew I had redress with the signed docs but I didn't have any strength to keep on fighting after the last 4 weeks, with threat of eviction etc. It's been relentless, no sleep etc. Anyhow - whether it was declined because of the cancelled card, the cpa/any payment cancellation or just simply because there were no funds ...who knows. I don't care right now, my house and salary are now secure, mortgage paid. This morning I got my life back! I will contact both pdl companies on Monday with a proposal, inc/exp form, maybe proof of eviction order and that our circumstances have been scrutinised by a judge this week to add weight to my requests. I'm sure it will go back and forth for a bit and I will be back here with niggles...they are just that though. Thanks for the wise words renegadeimp/ell-enn/markosoft82. I'm very grateful x
  21. Gemspan I'm sorry I missed your post - thank you so much. I will definitely keep an eye out here and see how things are for you, I am wishing you all the luck in the world x
  22. Ah righteo I geddit, I've just read the actual reg 55..thanks Ell -enn ....again lol. Oh I so need a weekend without worry....and some sleep Tomorrow is my last big hurdle, I know if no money goes out to the PDL then the control is back with me, and i just need to negotiate a payment plan, which after this week is not something I'm too worried over.
  23. Hi Ell -enn The issue I have is the bizarre response from the call centre staff who couldn't confirm if the cpa's had actually been authorised, yes we have proof of request so we have grounds for dispute, but if they let them take money by cancelling all the card payments I made this morning aargh. So it goes in a first come first serve then? I'd be relieved about that only I was also told 1 month loan didn't have a cpa on my card as it was different type of transaction, I can't even remember the name but it was something to do with visa and she said it's like when you buy foreign currency..at that point I thought wth. She said they would be able to access the money via this method whatever the hell it is regardless of no cpa or cancelled card. I hope renegadeimp is right and she is talking utter tripe. Plus my account is totally empty I can't see santander authorising the payment - we alreay have a 750 overdraft that we use fully every month and have today withdrawn up to that limit.
  24. Ok - It went to plan. I got all my money out and paid mortgage and other priority debts with card first. This is the situation we have now and I need some advice on how to proceed from here. We have opened a parachute account so future salary direct debits etc are safe. We still have the santander account which now has two blocked cards and two replacements (they were deffo blocked and classed as 'hot' so I'm confident they weren't just replaced) If 1 month loan try to take any payment tomoz I assume it will be declined 1. Card cancelled 2. cpa's in place (or at least we have proof we requested 19/09) 3. No overdraft for them to utilise. However, although my available balance is now 0. I still have an in credit balance as the card payments to my mortgage etc although authorised, prob won't 'clear' till maybe a few days like all debit payments. Can the pdl companies overide those payments sort of take precedence? Lastly, one loan is due tomorrow the other sunday so when should I send emails requesting a payment plan - can anyone direct me to a template? Thanks.
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