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  1. Sorry and thank you Is that all the info you require? Once again, that you for your help
  2. Thank you for the reply and i appreciate your help, hopefully the attachments have worked. This is the initial PCN docs 1.pdf
  3. Hi, On 18 Nov 17 I received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) through the post stating that my vehicle was parked longer than the maximum period allowed on 07 Nov 17. On the 19 Nov 17 I sent the following appeal to ECP: Dear ECP As the registered keeper of the vehicle, registration xxxx xxx, I have received your invoice number xxxxxxxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that they did not notice any signs telling them about the time limit and that the fact that it’s a free car park they didn’t even think of looking for such sign. Whilst parked she was shopping at Tesco
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