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  1. Hi JemimaT, thanks for the Probate Link, that's really useful. The gifts are for Inheritance Tax reasons, but I think they fall below the bracket. My solicitor has advised me what to say to them as I had to respond last week. He says it's a fishing expedition.
  2. I already questioned the appointed solicitors, who merely forwarded it to the new ones who said "We note you queried the reason for our instruction. Our client (appointed solicitors) has identified a number of transactions on the deceased's accounts which require an explanation. Our client is therefore entitled to take legal advice and to employ solicitors to act on their behalf in relation to possible claims that the estate may have." They confirm their fees will be paid from the estate. They also ask me to further any correspondence to them from now on. "Should the estate bring a successful
  3. I had LPA from 2015 onwards, not before. My brother had LPA from 2009 to 2015. We really thought it would be better to have solicitors be executors, who would just get on with it, than my brother accusing me of allsorts and holding everything up. Of course, now the solicitors are doing it. We've lost thousands already. I'm about to buy a property. Can they put a charge on it if I put it into a Limited Company name, rather than my own? I'm going to call my solicitor tomorrow and just read the letter over the phone, as I'm so sick of forking out for everything. I'd rather go to court. I don
  4. It's not a big estate. And dwindling by the minute.he would not have wanted all his money going to solicitors.
  5. My Dad and I thought it would be a good idea so there wouldn't be any arguments between me and my brother. We thought it would be easier. This is a nightmare. It's not supposed to be an "investigation"!
  6. hi, my Dad passed away earlier this year, and the executors have been compiling a list of his gifts to me for inheritance tax. I have now had a letter from a different firm of solicitors stating that they have taken over and that there are a number of transactions which "require an explanation". I wrote to the original solicitors querying this, who passed on my email to the new solicitors. Their response was that the original firm had a right to take legal advice and to employ solicitors to act on their behalf in relation to possible claims that the estate may have. They want to see my bank st
  7. Hi Yes I am! I got locked out and had to re-register. I originally used an old email address I had 7 years ago, and didn't receive the email to change my password.
  8. Sorry, I didn't see these other posts. I'm not in Scotland. I think they are trying it on for some weird reason.
  9. paragraph 3. I do have a Solicitor and I've already mentioned the statute bar to him after reading advice on here. I was looking for alternative, instant, additional advice, after just shelling out over £2000. I thought this was a Forum for free advice, in this case, other debt issues.
  10. OK, I'll tell them to take me to Court then.
  11. Why doesn't it extinguish the debt if it's over 6 years? There is no signed loan agreement. The joint account was held with my mother, father and brother. This was closed down 2 years ago to stop the brother taking more money out. He withdrew a large amount of money for "safekeeping" from me when it was put into the wrong account by a Company (that's another story -and on another post!), even though he knew it was not his (it was my Dad's money). He was forced to hand it back 7 months later because my father told the Company to chase him for it. There was no deputy a
  12. Re; ericsbrother "half story"? I'm trying to keep the post as succinct as possible. If you read the post, "they" refers to my mothers Deputy, apart from paragraph 10. Money given in 2008. Letter a few months later in 2008. My Dad has since made me his LPA and changed his Will in my favour for all the support I give both my parents.
  13. Only once in that letter in 2008. He recently changed his Will to my brother's detriment for various reasons.....
  14. Hi My parents gave me a large sum of money in 2008. I suggested getting a contract drawn up stating repayment amounts and a time frame. My Dad said he didn't want to do this. A few months later, My Dad wrote me a letter, which my brother stole from my house, stating that he would like me to repay the "loan" within 2 years. I'm not quite sure why he did that. He has never mentioned it since, and I wonder if my brother manipulated him into doing it. This letter has now been sent from my mother's Deputy to my solicitor, asking me if the letter is genuin
  15. He write a stroppy email to my solicitor telling him to CEASE harassment of the 'friend', saying he will present emails I've written in the past in Court with regard to my 'mental' and 'emotional' state! My solicitor put them both in their place with a brilliant put down email.
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