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  1. Thank you BazzaS! Thank you for asking your friend. Think I might leave it a while to go into the store again! I may just do an online shop to use my vouchers. I'm never ever going to it ever again trust me just go to normal checkout!
  2. Easier said than done I'm afraid! I'm a total worrier!
  3. I'm not sure how anything works! I thought they can report to police and they'll have to come to my house for a chat rather than the store. There's not much information if this has happened before to anyone. When I went back in to pay for the items no-one came up to me. Even went to the checkouts where the lady was who took the duplicate receipt just to see if she'd say anything.
  4. Can't eat or sleep. In constant state of anxiety! I'm already on amytriptolyn and still feel awful! Every car that goes past I worry. Would be just good to know if the police are liable to come knocking!
  5. I daren't tell anyone too embarrassed if nothing else!
  6. More worried about police coming! If Tesco contact them they'll have to come to my house for a caution/fine.
  7. Not sure if use scan as you shop ever again if I'm honest! Might pop in just to check as I'm always popping in and out for stuff. Will get ingredients and go to a till. If they've taken things further I'm sure they'll say something surely. Mostly worried someone will come to the house! Would rather they said something in store actually then I would know where I stand. It's the fear of the unknown.
  8. I know it was wrong. I always self scan never had to have a total re scan before just the 8 or so items and all has been fine. This is the very first time. I think she wanted to check the amount I paid to the amount scanned through. I had a printer which scanned as I went out security guard checked me and my receipt and sent me on my way. I'm totally mortified and I will NEVER do it again trust me. I've not slept or eaten since. Not sure whether to go back in tomorrow to get my daughter's cooking ingredients or just stay away! I even contemplated going in today to ask if anything was going to be done! Not sure why had a year of cancer scare, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, father died, cat died and aunty died! No excuses I shouldn't have done it!
  9. I know it's not clever but I was chosen to have a random check and they found items not scanned so needed a full scan. Went to a till and put my shopping up with obviously extras but left some clothes in a bag. They took a copy if the receipt. I was racked with guilt so 30 mins later went back and paid for clothes. What will happen Now? Will they check cctv as they have my club card and account details? I'm totally fretting that the police will come knocking on my door! I paid for all the items in my bag just worried about the clothes Now! TIA
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