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  1. For my 2 pennies worth this is how I would view this situation. You would be suing the builders to bring your situation back to the point that you would be in if they had completed the contract correctly. You agreed to pay £7888 for the patio. You have paid £1577.60 so far You still have to pay £6310.40 (To the new remedial builder) To make the work complete to the required standard will cost £12,750. This would be made up from: £6310.40 (from you). £6439.60 (from the original builder via CCJ) On top of the £6439.60 you can claim the court fee and your expenses (please correct me if I am wrong in this part) By this point you will have paid £7888 for a patio completed to the required standard in the original contract. AFAIK this is how it works when claiming against companies for substandard work, but I am no expert. However this makes sense to me.
  2. Not sure if this is helpful or not lol. I recently upgraded on EE and had the phone delivered. I had to show Photo ID to the delivery driver before he would hand over said phone. Now admittedly this was to a work, not residential address but the driver (who delivers to us pretty much every day) still viewed my driving licence before handing over the phone.
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