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  1. LBA = Letter Before Action
  2. RedSue / Quest, I received a cheque for £1269 on Friday - the very day that they had to supply a defence to Court by!!!!....I won a full re-imbursement totalling over £4K. I waited about 3 weeks, my local county court informed me that they asked the Nationwide to file a defence by 9th March...the day I got the cheque. I telephoned the Nationwide after submitting my Allocation Questionaire and I wrote to them informing them that I was pursuing the claim all the way to the end and that I accepted their initial payment as a partial settlement. When I spoke to them I pointed out th
  3. Update Alert!!! See my thread on the main NW board.... Victory!!! ....cheque for £1269 arrived this morning....unbeleivable as I was expecting a more drawn out process. Now for the complaint which wll end up with the FOS. Keep going it is so worth it! All the very best to you all and Thanks!!!!!
  4. Hi everybody,:o Today I rather unexpectedley received the final settlement in my claim. A nice lovely crisp cheque for £1269 landed on the mat accompanied by a letter that stated; "...after further investigations, we've refunded another £1000 in charges and £269.90 which represents interest calculated at the court rate..." Coincidentally, today was the deadline for them to file their defence. The entire process from instigation of MCOL took less than 3 months. Many, many thanks to all who helped, particularly this web site (which I have recommended widely). Donation a
  5. Quest, I did three things when I ws n your situation; 1) Read a lot of threads, including other banks to get a feel for what might happen and gather help. 2) Telephoned the Nationwide HQ and asked them whay they had not re-imbursed the full amount of my claim and informed them that I would pursue this to the end. 3) When MCOL asked me I the claim had been settled I informed then only partially, whereby the case was transfered to my local County Court and I filed a continuation of the claim for the outstanding amount via the Allocation Questionaire. In my case NW has to file
  6. Hi Folks, Update Time. Yesterday I received a General Form of Judgement or Order from the County Court which identified to the Nationwide; "Upon reading the court file IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Unless by 9 March 2007 the defendant files acompleted Allocation Questionnaire the defence and any counterclaim shall be struck out without further order". It would seem therefore that my claim will be won by default!! I expect to hear from the Court a week on Monday, hopefully good news. KenSpe
  7. I heard from the local County Court today. The Court have reminded the Nationwide that they have until Friday 9th March to file a defence, which they have not done as yet. If they fail to defend then the claim defaults in my favour and I will finally receive the £1045 that they still owe me! Unless that is I get to send the bailiffs in?? KenSpe
  8. Well, here I am still waiting for the local County Court to offer me a slot. Since posting my continuing claim to them re the outstanding £1045 that the Nationwide still owe me I have heard nothing. KenSpe
  9. Update time. Almost another week has passed since my last post. Nationwide still owe me £1045. The old account closed and they posted me a cheque for £3.45! I have yet to hear from my local County Court re the continuation of my claim, suffice it to say that date for submission has now passed...has anyone out there experienced this stage yet? I have e-mailed the FOS with my detailed comlaint re Nationwide closing my account (a obviously punitive action) and the incomplete settlement...as yet no response. Look forward to your replies. KenSpe
  10. Short item on GMTV this morning, featuring a lady who had successfully reclaimed her punitive charges...commentator suggested that there were 700,000 claims going on at the moment. He also suggested that the Government should intervene and force the banks topay everybody back and avoid all the court action...8-)
  11. Todays Update Nationwide are closing my account on 11th Feb, but they still have £1045 to re-imburse to my account. I submitted my Allocation Questionairre over a week ago (I have heard nothing from my local County Court as yet). I telephone the nationwide last week to ask them when they were going to complete their re-imbursement of my claim, but the nice young lady couldn't handle my call and asked me to write to them, which I did. As they still have not paid me the monies owed I called them today...and was told the money that have re-imbursed already is all that they inten
  12. Hi KitKat35, I am going to identify that I am pursuing the remainder of my claim and acknowledge acceptance as a partial settlement the 75% of my claim that has been met. I will request further guidance from the court. I have stated that I may wish to submit expert opinion with regards to the law and if required I will appoint a lawyer and charge the Nationwide for the costs. Good luck KitKat35 Keep posting! KenSpe
  13. I am just completing the Allocations Questionaire and pursuing my claim in full as there is the small matter of £909.00 outstanding from my original claim. Is there any info or advice anyone can recommend when completeing the Other information section of the form. My Nationwide account closes on 11th February. Any help gratefully accepted. KenSpe
  14. Help!!! Nationwide have filed a defence for the £909 thwy still owe me and I have until 13th Feb to submit my 'Allocation Questionnaire (small claims track). 1) - Is my claim is now for remaining £909? 2) Do I need a lawyer? 3) What advice can folks offer before I continue? Best wishes KenSpe
  15. KitKat35, Sounds similar to my situation. Nationwide are defending £909 in unpaid charges that I have claimed (which is incidentally 25% of my total claim). I asked to proceed and I received papers from Northampton County Court stating that the matter will transfer to my local county court. I intend to pursue the matter and require advice. I have as yet not sent the Nationwide a letter as suggested earlier by Allyxia.
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