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  1. Fair enough. I've put it out there in regards to folk pushing their card companies for a full refund via section 75. To me it's a no brainer to at least try with both the card companies and then with the FOS (Ombudsman) if the card companies refuse as losing thousands when there is a possible recourse is a path I would try before throwing in the towel to erm (let me choose my words carefully!Lol) possible negligent actions from the merchant.
  2. I never invested/purchased anything with this company. I was watching the BBC Northwest news a week or so back and saw this [problem] and the upset and misery it's caused people up there! I wanted to help. I have had successful section 75 claims before and wanted to pass on my knowledge and help to others and assure them that if they have agreements with this fraudster and his company and the agreements for work was over £100 and under £30,000 then you WILL have a claim for a full refund if any part of the transaction was paid via a credit card (NOT a debit card). This is NO hoax or recovery [problem] but from me a genuine way to try to help anyone that has paid via a credit card to get their money back and possibly interest on top too!! why won't this site let me use the word [problem]!! Hmmm
  3. Not if you have used a credit card. There is normally a 6/7 year limit, but could be extended under special cases. You are well in the basic time limit so contact your card provider asap!
  4. Hi there, I've just seen this on BBC North West and it's shocking. I can advise that if you or anyone reading this has been caught up in it and has paid ANY part of funds via a credit card then contact your credit card company asap! Even if it's just a deposit and the balance by cash or bank transfer, then you should be entitled to a refund of the WHOLE amount you have lost under section 75! Providing what you have paid for is between £100 and £30,000 you SHOULD be covered for your losses via a credit card payment. The card company might fob you off and if they do then take this matter up with the FOS (Ombudsman) they will look more into your claim. If you have any other issues then post here and I will check over the days and weeks and try to answer questions or help if and where I can I really hope this helps, as these [problem]mers one by one need locking up as they make many people life a misery!
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