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  1. Yes, thanks, I figured that and given my current total debts I'll be 140 when I clear them! So not too worried about my credit rating as it can't really drop any lower...
  2. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. Both of the claim forms have the same claim number and I do understand the legality of joint and several liability. I'm now thinking that I've offered too much at £400 (The money is coming from a friend by the way as I certainly can't afford it). So, if Restons don't confirm acceptance of my £400 offer before the hearing I presume it may be better if I just attend the redetermination hearing and ask the judge for a F&F settlement and that the Claimant agrees in writing not to pursue either party for the remainder of the debt and not to sell the
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I wish I'd defended the original claim too, especially now given all the research I've done. I've I'd known then what I know now...hindsight is a wonderful thing... I'm anticipating that Restons/Arrow will accept. My problem now is how to handle my communications with the court given the short timescale, also that it's redetermination and I'm changing it to settlement and since I'll be attending without the other defendant.
  4. I have a joint account overdraft debt (First Direct) from 2005 which has been on my Payplan DMP since 2011. The current DCA (Arrow Global) appointed Restons Solicitors who sent Claim Forms to both me and the other party, my ex. Payplan sorted my reply offering £1 per month. I didn't realise that my ex needed to send Acknowledgement of Service and I told him, wrongly,that I had it sorted with my DMP. The claimant rejected my offer and the court issued me a judgement by determination for £20 per month. My ex was sent a judgement by default. (The amounts on the two judgeme
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