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  1. I was hoping that someone on the forums would recognise the company and have a contact number for them so I can contact them and find out what they were playing at but it seems the company no longer exists in that form. I will be persevering with equifax’s incompetence and see what they come back with. I have raised a complaint, a dispute of the data and also emailed their DPO reference this. I am also considering a complaint to the ICO for unlawful processing of my data. i will update you all when/if I get any update. Thanks
  2. So this is a case of an illegal search? How could I progress this?
  3. Hi DX here is a screen shot of the name direct from my credit report
  4. Thanks dodgeball, I have checked the others and there is no searches on any of them. i have already complained to Equifax I was just wondering if anyone on here would have any contact details for them so I could speak to them and find out what they are playing at.
  5. Hi all, I have had a hard search carried out on my Equifax credit report. I have no knowledge of this company and I haven’t applied for any credit recently, neither do I have any bad debt. On speaking to Equifax they have raised a dispute but I also asked them for the contact details of the company and they said they don’t have any. i have also tried google, ICO, FCA, Companies house and I can’t find any info. would any of you have any contact details for this company? thanks
  6. The total of the loans I took was 1100 I paid back 2200 but I defaulted on 800 apparently, the amount of redress I’m being offered Is 1400
  7. I know that DX, but the thing I’m on about is a company trying to off set a debt against a debt that is now owned by a 3rd party
  8. I do have it in writing they have written it off, it’s approx £1k even though I realise I’ll only get pence in the pound for it
  9. Hi CAG, I have received a redress email from KPMG ref redress due to me from an old WDA account. I did have an account with WDA which went into arrears and was sold to MM/Lantern. The debt is now stat barred and MM/Lantern have written the debt off as such. kPMG are stating that they will set off the amount of my redress to MM/Lantern. I have complained to them about this and await their reply. I am aware of the normal set off rules but does this apply to companies in administration? I can’t attach the section of the letter now as I’m on holiday but as far
  10. ok do the following and get reading up on defences you have 33 days from service to submit a defence - pop on on MCOLwebsite ack [{ AOS BOX] the claim defend all leave jurisdiction unticked get a CCA request running to the claimant get a CPR 31:14 running to the sols.
  11. Hi where did you find the info of your last payment? Are you sure of that date? If you are then this is a statute barred debt and the guys will provide the relevant defence
  12. Thanks DX, will do as suggested Ill update when I get anything back from them
  13. Could you do me a favour and check the attached charges sheet and tell me address for Santander I should sent the prelim letter to? Thanks Redacted Charges Santander.xls
  14. a default should not be on your credit file after 6 years make a complaint to the CRA's and also the creditor stating that if it isn't removed immediately you will raise a complaint with the ICO and seek compensation
  15. Cheers Andy, my thoughts are to continue to ignore and await Drydens next move There are over £600 of charges on the account and may look at claiming them back for her I think it would near enough clear the balance after interest etc
  16. Hi CAG, after a bit of advice on a debt of my mums. She had a Santander credit card taken out in 2004, she defaulted on payments and was stupidly making payments to a DCA until March 18. Rob Way are acting on behalf of the original creditor. I sent a CCA request on her behalf and they returned an incomplete CCA - they sent 1) Recon Agreement with no signature and incomplete 2) Statements 3) How to use your card leaflet This morning she says she has received a letter from a soloicitors regarding this debt, I am trying to get a copy of it and as soon as I can I will
  17. did you speak to Barclaycard to find out the last payment date?
  18. ok, was your last payment to Barclaycard or have you been making payments to a DCA? If barclaycard go ring them and ask for last payment date
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