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  1. UPDATE so nothing has really changed, or improved... please don't all shout at me at once.... my ex is now threatening to take me to court to see LESS of his kids! its been a horrendous few months. I had started a new thread. by ex is now using a solicitor to harass me - what do I gotta do to get him to leave me alone!???
  2. Hi All not sure if you can even help me, but I will give it a go I split from my ex husband 4 years ago. I bought his share of the house. and he was paid handsomely for it. he was having his children once a week (then 11 / 12) and since then the arrangements have moved around, and he is far from reliable- he says he 'gave me a house' to look after his kids...... he gave me nothing - he wanted off the mortgage and he was paid out...' there has been refusal on his part to attend mediation, in fact he is aggressive towards me now as he was then.
  3. Hi All So, i have had my house on the market for some 4 months now. We have had viewings, but no offers. The estate agent (i htink) had overvalued the house and as a result i think we missed the optimum selling window. We were convinced to reduce the price (by 5K) which we have - and we have had even less viewings! and still no offers.... i cannot afford the mortgage, and my ex husband is causing me all sorts of issues ( I NEED TO MOVE!), so what Id like to know is this... if i rent the property, can i leave it on the market to sell? what is the minimum
  4. As far and HE and his GF are concerned he will pay the minimum and that's it. with regards to the equity - the legal advice I have taken says that he could come after me for 50% of the equity up until December last year. its a real mess
  5. UPDATE In recent weeks there have been some difficult situations. Firstly with my ex husband being so very unreliable with regards to the timetable of when he will have his children. There is now NO communication between us - so all comms is being diverted through the children. This is not what I want and never what I wanted. He is dropping them back with no notice - so I am just taking them back. My patience is being tested and I am not coping well at all. I am so stressed I cannot cope with things anymore. I feel like this is killing me. I had a recent situation recen
  6. went to my MIAM and it was very good meeting. The downside s that my ex initially refused to attend, but has since changed his mind! So lets see what happens. I don't hold my breath TBH, and certainly feel that I should just keep my children with me. if it is such a battle - why am I bothering? its men like my ex husband that give absent fathers a bad name.
  7. I have my first mediation meeting tomorrow - the person I am seeing is also a solicitor so I will discuss it with her - mediation should help me sort out the finances as well. I'm fed up of having to pay the lionshare of everything. Just because I am divorced from my childrens father doesn't mean that he can pay the minimum. if we were living together he would behave in a normal way and wouldn't question the money spent on his children. why does divorce caused people to question money spent on their children? I know this doesn't happen in all cases, but probably happens too often. I just
  8. on what grounds would I have that would stand up in court, would I have any claim over any of the money that I am about to pay my ex husband for is share of the equity from the ex marital home? I'm concerned that the mnute I land any claim over that money he will flip his lid and I will end up with more issues than I already have
  9. Any further conversation woud be appreciated - opinion counts for a lot
  10. I don't know how to get a lump sum from my ex. He will say that he is entitled to the money from the house as it equates to his share of the equity. he agreed to sign me the house in return for the £25k. This money will be paid to him in the next couple of months. How can I justify to him that I am entited to any of that for his children?
  11. I have lost out big time - I know this. I'm trying to make the best of a situation that I have created myself. its quite depressing at times!
  12. I am not sure that 50/50 care is right for my children, but if I go to mediation with that as a starting point, I might be on a highway to getting somewhere near what I want, which is three weekends to him and one with me. Its so difficult arranging shared care, because I want my children myself, the thing is that I know I don't have the mental energy for two teenagers, and coping on my own is difficult. My ex husband has a duty to his children. I'm not his child minder. selfishly, I am entitled to a life, and if I am happy my children will benefit from that. at the moment, I feel very st
  13. I will reply tomorrow. But I can see the points made!
  14. He think my ex should have the children half the time. He knows I will be out of pocket as will Lose part of my cm. my ex does treat me like a baby sitter
  15. In answer to your question I don’t know. His own ex wife refused to have anything to do with him or her children when they split up. He’s very ms manipulate at times.
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