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  1. No I haven't but I will. The thing is - its my first seizure, it happened while I was half-asleep in bed, it was brief (though scary), I've had no symptoms since and the consultant said "I don't think you have epilepsy". So I'm really not concerned about having one in the car. If I was an epileptic and it happened before I would much more cautious. So I'm more inclined to follow the guidance above which says "It is for the patient to assure themself that they are fit to drive". Although I have now sent the DVLA the form and will speak to my insurers this week.
  2. I'll contact the consultant again. I did find it odd that he refused to give me any guidance other than "speak to the DVLA".
  3. What's the benefit of S.88? I've found the below here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/general-information-assessing-fitness-to-drive: "Driving during medical enquiries The time taken to obtain all necessary reports can be lengthy but a licence holder normally retains entitlement to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. However, a driver whose last licence was revoked or refused because of a medical condition or is a High Risk Offender re-applying after a drink/drive disqualification from 1 June 2013 would not, however, be eligible to drive until they are issued with a n
  4. Just checked online and its fine. Good job as I need to drive home tonight.
  5. Wow - surely if your licence is revoked they have a responsibility to tell you??
  6. Kind of is, I think. I think the neurologist would have said that if it was so important.
  7. They've sent me a letter saying "thanks for informing us of your change in health, you can either surrender your licence or if you don't wish to, fill in this medical form and we will make an assessment". And then "if you don't do this within 14 days we may revoke your licence". So I don't think they'll have suspended it yet.
  8. The consultant at the hospital said that although I'd had a seizure, in his opinion I did not have epilepsy.
  9. Section 88 seems to refer to people who don't currently have a licence. I do - I just need a decision made as to whether I can drive while my circumstances are investigated.
  10. Yes, that seems fair enough. Its just I've gone round in circles - the DVLA have said I need to ask my doctor if I can drive, and they say they can't decide that and its up to the DVLA.
  11. The info on there specifically states "Your doctor must have told you that you are fit to drive". My doctor has said that's not their decision, its the DVLAs.
  12. I don't know - all I know is no one has told me I cannot drive.
  13. I had a seizure a couple of weeks ago, first one ever, and the hospital told me to speak to the DVLA, who told me I had to complete a declaration (FEP1 form) so they could assess my fitness to drive. According to the guidelines it could be a 6 month ban. However the form says "you must not drive if your doctor says you cannot drive". Neither my doctor or the consultant at the hospital will give me a decision - they say that's for the DVLA to decide. So, while the form is being processed etc - am I OK to drive, since no one has said I can't?
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