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  1. Hello In the last few months I have been receiving letters relating to a debt for £700 with Barclaycard now held by HPH being collected by a company called Robinson Way. Now to the best of my knowledge I've never had a Barclaycard IF I did it was well over 10 years ago I was on a DMP which I ended I won some money and paid £9000 debts off knowing there was an Egg debt out there which is also paid now I need to query this but not sure how to go about it as all my searches i end up with the term Statute Barred and am unsure whether to wait as I believe if I acknowledge this letter etc I agree to the debt being owed Also I have recently applied for PPI refund I ticked the form for a Barclaycard debt due to this letter Fast track have written back saying Barclays have no knowledge of my previous addresses of which there are only 4 which I have included on the forms I sent back to them. I have sent Fast Track the Account number for the above Barclaycard shown on the debt letter Many Thanks please be patient this is my first posting of this kind
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