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  1. Hi Andy That did cross my mind too. Would they stoop to those sorts of levels? I'll give them a call asap. I'm guessing at this stage there isn't anything further I can do regards expenses? Cheers
  2. Hi dx I did think that after i'd walked out and i recall you mentioning it previously and i had read about speaking with the solicitor. Once he said that the case would be dismissed I was just so happy and i though well that's fine then and didn't really want to bother with it anymore. In hindsight, I wish i'd had now. Anyway, that's it done and dusted and I'm glad and I'm also grateful for all your help. Thank you
  3. Hi dx So turned up this morning and the solicitor asked to speak with me straight off. Advised that they hadn't obtained the documents and had asked for a dismissal. I agreed and left and he said I wouldn't have to go back in. Just hope that's right. He did say no expenses etc. Which I thought is fine I'm just glad that it's done. Thanks for all your help. It's really appreciated.
  4. Thanks dx. Would it be cheeky to ask for expenses considering i've had to take a second day off work and travel etc.?
  5. Hi dx So, the second hearing is this Wednesday and I don't feel as bad about this one. Unsure what they can possibly come up with in that time, surely they would have had it by now. On this occasion, if they ask for more time should I just state that I believe the debt is statute barred and I'd like to ask for a dismissal? Cheers
  6. Yeah i wish i had in hindsight and you're right i know what to expect now so should be better next time.
  7. Morning dx Not long back from the hearing and there's another one set for 4 weeks time. They had requested 6 weeks to receive some documents or something along those lines and asked for a further case management discussion. The sheriff said 6 weeks was to long and said they would have 4. I agreed to it and said that's fine when asked, although wish i was a bit braver and asked for a dismissal, however I'm unsure how that would have went. Will be interesting to see what crap they come up with next anyway.
  8. I suppose i'm just worried that i've missed something and they come up with something that proves me wrong. Although I'm very confident overall, it's just the doubt creeping in closer to the day. Also, i'm just a bit concerned about them asking why i didn't pay etc. I'm embarrassed by that to be honest, however it shouldn't matter as it is statue barred. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll just have been worrying about nothing.
  9. I called the Sheriff's office just to double check that it was still going ahead. I'm just worried about walking into things not really knowing what's going to happen, what they might ask etc. And of course the outcome.
  10. Thanks dx, that's reassuring. Still a bit worried though, i called them on my lunch and everything is still going ahead. I'm worried about what questions they might ask and how i should answer. I can only be honest and explain my circumstances at the time, if it comes to that, although unsure if that makes any difference at all because I believe that it's SB'd anyway. I just hope that it is and i've not overlooked something. Maybe i'm just overthinking everything. Also, i'm looking through other cases although couldn't find one exactly like mines in terms of these circumstanc
  11. Ok thanks, I'll have a look around and read everything possible. Should I take anything with me in regards to dates or anything along those lines?
  12. Morning dx The day edges closer and i haven't heard any further and i'm feeling a bit nervous about it. Not sure what to expect or what i should be saying/doing. Any advice? Thanks
  13. Just sit tight and attend on the day in that case? Is it possible i'll hear something beforehand?
  14. Morning i think the questions re my address was answered last night. I had something to pick up from my local royal mail depot as i was out through the day, which turned out to be a letter that needed signed for. It was from the Sheriff's clerk and was exactly the same as the PDF i'd popped in here. It looks like Capquest do have my old address and is possible they may send anything to that. Not sure how that affects me? Should I just hold off for now and if I don't hear anything attend the hearing?
  15. Hi dx I've double checked the initial paperwork i'd received. The initial page with the simple procedure notice claim has my name and current address saying i have been formally served etc. Any other pages/information refer to my old address as though Capquest are sending anything there.
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