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  1. Hi guys, I desperately need some help again. The respondent is putting completely irrelevant documents into the bundle. I have asked them to remove them but they have refused just saying it is relevant. I understand that you can make your own bundles. However I am wondering if the witness statements include irrelevant information, is there anything you can do about that? and also on the day of the ET, can you request that part of the defence be struck out for being irrelevant? thanks so much!
  2. Sorry HB, great thanks guys!. i have used the employers name, because its quicker and because its such a large company its abit strange saying 'respondent' all the time as there are many people. Thanks that makes sense, i just wanted to make sure it wasn't wrong and there wasn't some rule about putting peoples names in it. To be honest they are mostly big people ie directors anyway.
  3. Hi guys, I'm writing my witness statement and I'm just slightly unsure on the format of a couple of bits. how do i refer to people in it. Can I use their names or do I have to just put initials? Do I have to refer to the respondent as 'respondent' or can i use the employers name?? thanks!
  4. that sounds horrific. Poor guy. I have effectively been bullied in ridiculous ways but not so petty as name calling etc. It made me ill aswell and I am taking them to a employment tribunal for discrimination. Unfortunately I don't think GP letters would have any stance. An employer does not even have to follow occupation health, occ health only provide 'recommendations' and it is up to the employer if they follow them or not. If you have bullying and harrassement in writing I would definitely take it further or speak to ACAS. if you don't have anything in writing you will struggle getting anywhere.
  5. Hi, the employment centre told me the respondent hadn't responded when they had! now the respondents solicitor has emailed me (a rather 'trying to intimidate me' email). And said that they also have a barrister. Are they allowed a solicitor and a barrister? She is saying there might not be a full hearing, but the tribunal letter said the preliminary was to decide on the issues for the full hearing. And ACAS said the same. confused! They are like we have this big QC. um that's nice for you.
  6. Dont understand it because they have their own large legal team so why wouldnt they respond or ask for an extension within the time limit. Seems very odd. Maybe they know something I don't, some sort of conspiracy
  7. they can ask for an extension after 28 days have passed? Dont they have to explain why they didnt respond and cant i object to the extension?
  8. Hi i need help. I applied to take my employer (major big employer) to employment tribunal. Their 28 days to respond was up today. I rang the tribunal centre before they shut at 5pm and they said to their knowledge they had not recieved anything from the respondent. They said it was possible if theyd only sent it this afternoon they might not have picked it up so check next week. If they have not responded they can apply to extend the deadline? In what circumstances can they extend it? Ive read that they dont even have to say why they did not respond? I dont know if they are just trying to drag it out but it doesnt make sense that they wouldnt fight it. Its a massive case, im representing myself and im going to prove they are guilty but if they werent able to have a say it would make it easier
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