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  1. My.mortgage was with GMAC taken out in 2004.


    It became Paratus without any explanation.


    I've had a court order in 2007 when out of work which I pay on top of my mortgage every month.


    I've taken legal advice as the arrears never seem to go down.

    They are breaching the original contract by charging interest on the principal,

    its an interest only mortgage, and the arrears and charges.


    I've tried the Financial Ombudsmen but got no where.

    I pay a percentage over the bank base rate.


    They have just written to me and told me my monthly payment which should be the same as I was paying prior to it going down in August 2016 but it's nearly £60 more.


    I have written to them many times begire and even given them details of the miscalculations which amounts to.thousands but I get nowhere.

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