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  1. Hi sorry for the late response, to answer your questions: 1. My GF rang them on the 26th September 2. I emailed them on the 9th October 3. The date I last paid the Gym's DD was 11th September. I already sent off a letter using the template on this forum and have received no response back. Today I received a letter addressed to my gf - this time from CRS asking for over £300. I'm assuming this is just scare tactics? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been receiving letters from Harlands regarding failed direct debit payments and admin charges etc, similar to many of the other posts on this forum. Back in August, I paid for two memberships with Lifestyle fitness(for me and my girlfriend), both of which were on a "flexible" contract which required a minimum one month commitment. Both of these direct debits were setup under my bank account. My girlfriend moved back home in September and I wanted to go to a more local gym and so tried to cancel the memberships. My girlfriend rang the gym up who informed her
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