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  1. Yep i've done that! So it's not worth me contacting them to advise that it is a managed loan and not a current account? Also, is it still worth me sending my completed SAR, so I have everything should they go down the CCJ route? Thanks so much for your help, it's really appreciated
  2. I'm so sorry dx100uk i've only just seen that you replied. I read your reply the wrong way and thought you meant write to them to confirm my address. I have read up and will get a letter sent to them. I have also logged into my Cabot account online and note they have my address displaying correctly on there so I hope that will stop a back-door CCJ.
  3. Ah right ok, what should I put in my letter to them?
  4. Sorry, yeah that's when I think Cabot got it.
  5. They closed my account back in 2001 when they sold it on. I've not been with them since then.
  6. Yes they have the correct address now, since the beginning of October. I've no idea where they got it from - possibly one of the free credit checking sites? No, I definitely didn't have an overdraft that big - feel a bit dim that I hadn't realised all this before
  7. Will do, will that also show if ones been applied for but not yet issued?
  8. I'll defo follow the advice - it's much appreciated Is there any way I can check if a CCJ has been applied for? and shall I just go ahead and ignore them whilst sending off the SAR?
  9. Blinkin heck - swines aren't they! No I haven't had any communication with them since 2013 - apart from an email they sent me in February this year, asking me to set up a payment plan, after I changed from paying standing order to postal order. I think I logged into my online account - stupidly! I had a payment plan set up as per their 2013 letter so I just ignored the email. Oh no, a backdoor CCJ worries me - i've worked so hard to restore my credit file and want to buy a house next year so this is a bit of a concern. Would they not have to give reference to a CCJ in the 3 letters they have recently sent to this address?
  10. Oh wow thanks guys - won't lie, just nearly shed a tear of joy at their wrongdoing!! This is the final millstone (all other debtors accepted a settlement figure in 2002) that came from a nasty relationship and I would be overjoyed to not have to worry about it any more. I'll send the SAR off to First Direct then, so i've got all the info I need, and just ignore Cabot for now. Thanks again for your help
  11. Thank-you for the responses I have just been fighting through my understairs 'cave' to see if I could find any old paperwork and have come across something more of a timeline - seems the debt is mostly made up from a loan and not overdraft fees at all - this is what i've found: 22/11/2001 - Letter from Robinson Way on behalf of First Direct chasing original amount of £4899.03 20/02/2002 - Letter from DMA (not sure who they are) with a payment agreement of £20 a month. On that letter i've written loan - £3214.59 & C/A (presumably current account) £1331.57 I've also received letters from Cap Quest, HL Legal, Central Debt Enforcement Agency and Keppe and Partners - all pre-dating 2007 Typically I can't find all the original Cabot letters but the most recent one states the debt is at £3855. As it was First Direct should I SAR them or HSBC? Also does the fact Cabot are not mentioning that they are chasing a loan and a current account, but lumped it all into 'a current account', make any difference?
  12. Hi, I have read through a number of posts but only managed to confuse myself more, so thought i'd better just post. I have an old HSBC Current Account that I think was sold on in around 2000/2001 (memory a little hazy) to a DCA (but I cannot remember which one) and I paid them £1 a month. Around 2013 Cabot bought the debt and I continued to pay £1 a month. This was a joint account which they refused to acknowledge, said it was only in my name and they had no record of my partner on the debt - great! So fast forward to today. I stopped paying them in July this year, completely forgot as was paying by postal order - my own fault, and have since received the following letters: 05/10/2017 "Welcome to Cabot Credit Management Group that own your HSBC Bank Current Account. We have recently confirmed you are living at the above address and need to make you aware that we are now responsible for helping you manage your account and receiving future payments" Then a bit about contacting them etc. 22/10/2017 "We have recently confirmed that you are living at the above address. We do this through a variety of checks, so we're confident we have the correct address for you. We need to talk to you to arrange a repayment plan on your account; we can help you find an affordable solution. 06/11/2017 A bit about understanding how it's difficult to clear debt, we want to help etc then "We own your account and are prepared to reduce the balance in order to help you become free of this debt sooner. If you would like to take up this offer call us" I have a couple of questions: I have looked at other forum messages advising sending a CCA but I don't think this would apply to me as its a current account - is that correct? What would be the route for me to follow if I can't go down the CCA road? I've seen some info on pre 2007 agreements - does this have any bearing on my case? Can Cabot put the debt back on my credit file as a default, as i've stopped paying, even though its over 6 years old? I'm sorry for the long post and thank you very much for reading
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