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  1. A puncture, blown fuse, broken key - all minor faults. As I say, I wish you luck with it.
  2. Just as a punter who has dabbled in buying and selling, but by no means expert, I think you will face a couple of difficulties making some of your points prevail - generally garages & auctions do not own cars, and their statement of previous ownership reflects what the current/actual (DVLA recorded) owner would say, not what the car will become once sold. I don't know for sure if that is ethical, but I never questioned it, maybe because I was aware it happens and I always check the log before purchase (to check lots of facts) - I also think there is a standard set of faults categorised a "major" that generally pertain to mechanical propulsion - engine, gearbox, drives type of stuff. Although the problem you mention, could be expensive to fix (or even diagnose), it may not be defined as "major". You'd probably find the definition of "major" in the context of your car in the guarantee paperwork. - however, even if the fault is not "major", they need to put it right. For this, you'd need to comply with their request to "check & rectify". I think they get a set number of chances to get it right, and if they fail to do so, you then have a valid case. If you don't give them the opportunity to fix (in the absence of a "major" fault), you'll struggle to win the day. As I mentioned, I am not expert, but to my knowledge, that is the established process. Independent reports etc - I think you are wasting your time and money, and lets face it, anyone can get a report to say anything - you have to consider that the fault may be very simple, and second hand cars always have minor issues - you don't know, nobody knows, but it may simply be a loose connection - if I were in your shoes, I'd seek out the previous owner, and ask him two questions (i) did the fault exist previously, and (ii) did the seller know. If he obliged you with these answers, I'd hold them up my sleeve for a rainy day. In parallel, I'd let the seller do his best to fix. Just amateur advice, hope it helps somewhat - someone else may know better. Good luck
  3. Yes, my plan B, which is why I dont want to rouse suspicion by calling them. Ideally, I'd like to chnage my correspondence address. But plan B might be the plan!
  4. Hi Andy, I''m hoping to move out of my flat to my GF, and would like to rent out - wondering what Mortgage Express conditions are in relation to this Just had a good read of the linked TMB booklet, and it states that one needs to inform TMB before moving out of their mortgaged home to rent it out. It goes on to say "We may charge you an added rate if we say so in the offer, any extra agreement or any flexible options agreement. We may also charge you an added rate of not more than 2% a year because: (a) you have let the property;". Assuming a parallel in the documents - I have to inform them, but - I may not need to pay them, as there is no mention in the offer letter I'll hold the thread open, in case anyone has a copy of Mortgage Express own/actual 2004 T&Cs, and maybe I'll get lucky Jimbo
  5. Could you have misunderstood - before you purchased the car, it had 2 previous keepers, but now that you have purchased, it has 3?
  6. (REPOSTED as the Tweet didn't go out fro first attemp) Caggers, do any of you have a copy of mortgageicon Express' (now UKAR) 2004 Terms & Conditions Booklet for mortgagesicon, please?
  7. Caggers, do any of you have a copy of Mortgage Express' (now UKAR) 2004 Terms & Conditions Booklet for mortgages, please?
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