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  1. The ANOVO samsung repair is very bad look at my story Hi I had sent my S7 on 07/11/2017 and they opened back of my phone, first when they had my phone they send me shocking photo with £206 bill for repair , and they told me one pin was broken usb port internal damaged , I asked them what they done to find out this problem, they said they opened back of my mobile phone I told them my USB did not had any fault it was headphone port is bigger than normal and my headphone jack is loose, when I make call I can hear myself, I said to them if they are not going to repair my mobile phone return my handset, when I received I took my camera and I recorded the post box I had from UPS, when I opened the box I seen back of my mobile phone case was damaged and it was loose I called the repair center : ANOVO Contact Center Team 01603 269217 Vulcan House Vulcal Road North Norwich as soon as I said to them why did you remove my back case if it was external problem, they changed the story and they told me they never opened back of my mobile phone, I said to them before I sending my S7 to them I took photo there was white sticker in middle of phone and it was factory sealed but when I received my phone back case was loose Sticker was removed from middle of the phone and fixed in the bottom of the phone inside of back case there is engineer sign with hand writing, when I asked for engineer report the samsung does not reply, and the repair center keep changing story, I am %100 sure the ANOVO Samsung repair center damaged my USB port to not repair the headphone port, I took to mobile shop and they told me the headphone jack is bigger than 3.5mm and is not right, so far I sent several email and photo to Samsung to report problem from 10/11/2017 and I have no single call back or email, I also took my mobile phone on the day return 10/11/2017 I took it to Vodafone shop and I asked them to view my phone and write to samsung regarding this problem, but so far It is look like I have to wait for long time,
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