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  1. An amount should have gone through on Tuesday
  2. I finally got some time to scan the result in Now to donate... Harlands3.pdf
  3. Well, as I stepped through the front door, I could see an envelope poking out of the letterbox, upon gently lifting the envelope from its resting place, I couldn't but notice the "Haywards Heath" address mechanically scribed on the back. As a wave of fear filled my brow, I opened the envelope. To my surprise, all was good. To be honest, I was expecting a bit more of a fight than this, but I'll take the early win It reads: "Further to your recent letter to our offices, Harlands can confirm that the agreement is now closed and no further payments are due. We hop you find this to
  4. Thanks Slick. I should be able to see some signatures in the next day or 2
  5. I thought It might be wise to post the text of the 2 letters I'm sending here: To Harlands: I cancelled the Direct-Debit in accordance with the gyms guidance on their website and owe you nothing. If you make any further demand, I will make formal complaints about harassment. To Fit4Less: I cancelled the Direct-Debit in accordance with your gyms guidance on the website but Harlands are now harassing me for more money. Kindly tell them to cease contact immediately or your gym will be named co-defendant in court action seeking compensation for harassment. Going back thr
  6. It was Fit4Less (as opposed to Fitness4Less), but there isn't any visible T&C's on the website, so my stating that I followed the T&C's wouldn't be correct, a mistake I obviously made when I found the T&C's of the similarly named Gym by accident. I apologise for all the confusion and really appreciate your patience in helping me. It really does put your head in a spin when you aren't used to dealing with this stuff....
  7. I don't think you've understood the mistake I made, those T&C's I posted a link to was for the wrong Gym, 2 days ago a friend pointed this out to me, hence post #11, it's just a very similar name. So, I can't really say I've followed the T&C's on the website, I thought I had but it was the wrong site
  8. I can't write to Harlands saying :- "I cancelled the DD in accordance with the gym's T&C's and owe you nothing. If you make any further demand, I will make formal complaints about harassment." as per post #12 since there are no T&C's visible.
  9. Problem is the T&C's I posted were for a very similarly named Gym, not the one I'm actually with, I made an error. But, I can't actually find the T&C's for the correct one on their site, so I'm not so sure what the proper course of action is now.
  10. It appears I have made an error, the terms and conditions page I poseted is for Fitness4Less, but my Gym was Fit4Less, easy mistake to make when you're no longer familiar with the name (it's been a while since I've been, clearly ) However, I cannot find the terms and conditions by navigating their site. The first letter could have reminded me of the terms and conditions but did no such thing, therefore I assumed it was fine to just ignore it and get on with my life without Gym membership. Should I offer to pay 1 months notice or refuse to pay anything at all?
  11. I've Attached them as a single document. Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Device.pdf
  12. Thanks for taking a look, I couldn't find anything either. I may attempt to use the new scanner at work today and upload the 2 letters for amusement. I'll try and get a response written too and post it here Assuming these links work.... This is the first letter I received: Followed yesterday by: Interestingly, a google search does turn up this: (modified as I can't post links yet) https join.f4l.com/tc.html Which does mention a £20 admin fee among other things, but I couldn't find a way to get to that from the main site This is the letter I am considering sending: (w
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