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  1. Yes but no one has replied with a story about themselves being at that stage and I haven’t paid since 20th but what happens if I do get phone call and letters etc I don’t want a knock at the door because I have ignored everything and my marriage could be in danger maybe
  2. Has anyone ever gotten as far as receiving letters from dca etc? I’m not at that stage yet but no matter how many times you say you can only afford so much a month they say account may be limited or debt will be moved over after a month or so? Please help
  3. Hi, got an update - I messaged PayPal on fb messenger a couple of weeks ago and stated my email and that I’m from uk and they sent me this message... Hi Craig, we appreciate your patience as we've been working through our messages. Thank you for contacting us about the negative balance on your PayPal account. If your account shows a negative balance for more than 120 days, your account functionality might get limited. To restore your balance you can add money from your bank account. Incoming payments can also restore your negative balance of course. -Intars, so fro
  4. Ok, might just refuse payments after next phone call and see what they actually do
  5. So basically they are cowards and rely on others
  6. I can make little payments just now but it will get to a point eheee I will have to wait untill payday before I can do another one but they don’t seem to like long waits for a payment which is annoying because you tell them you can’t afford to pay every penny in one go
  7. I have been paying PayPal direct so far, haven’t had any calls or letters etc from anyone else as of yet but I’m sure PayPal have to notify you first if they are sending it over to a dca etc
  8. Ok thanks so what would you say is the best plan of action from now untill it’s paid? Thanks
  9. PayPal don’t do payment plans only the dca do because not hey can work on the case longer and I’m in a trust deed so I can’t take out new loans etc, I will prob hear from them again after Monday but I will just make a payment of £10 untill next week or so
  10. Hi thanks for the replies, yes after my first payment of £30 they phoned and I phoned back saying I can’t pay in full they left another note on my account to pay another £30 by this Monday (20th) which I already have done I think the best way is to just keep asking them to add a note and il pay £10 a week or so just u till Dec and jans paydays and it should be cleared by then hopefully. I had £0 in bank and was able to spend more by using bank account instead of debit card method so it built up and it’s my own fault entirely but I will learn from this once it’s pa
  11. Yes I did just wanted to see if I would get more/different responses on a new night
  12. Anyone ever had a negative balance with PayPal? If so what happened with it? I can’t pay it all in one I can only afford little payments now and again and I just phone them to add a note saying il pay a little bit off, has anyone ever gone as far as their debt being given to a dca and if so how long did u wait before this happened and did PayPal inform you first and what sort of letters did u receive? Are they in normal white envelopes or brown etc? Any help would be nice thank you
  13. Ok thank you for that Info, I will keep updating my thread with any new events etc, I know some people have had letters in the post from them and they set up payment plans but mine will be paid off before that happens (hopefully)
  14. I’m not scared iv Just never been in this situation before and it’s all new to me never experienced it and it’s quite stressful So long how do I have before they involve dca etc??
  15. I have a negative balance of £320 but can only afford little payments, I’m hoping to be lucky and not get any letters etc untill jan at least I will have it paid off by then, Hi, I have a negative PayPal balance of £320 (first time) and can only afford one payment each month, I was spending money I didn’t have and now suffering the aftermath, iv read loads of posts about what happens but how long do you actually have before PayPal close account or sell the debt to collection agency’s? Do people actually come to your house or do u just respond to letters and phon
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