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  1. @Halpert87 thank you and I will do, I’m only young so I panic and just try and get something sorted before checking all the details but iv read about Iva’s and they aren’t all negative and because I live in Scotland I’m only in a trust deed for 4 years (I think that’s correct) but I will keep you updated especially when it is all over and let you know my status x

  2. Hi,

    I was in a bad situation nearly 2 years ago,

    I had loads of debts and probably racked up about 18-20k,

    didn’t know where to turn too


    I ended up going down the Iva route etc and I am now in a protected trust deed for 2 years with 2 more to go and it has reduced my monthly bills by a big margin


    my repayments to them aren’t extreme

    I still have enough money left over each month,


    after the 4 years are over then the rest of the debt gets cleared but will wait till the deadline and see what happens from there,


    I know it’s not the best option to choose but I live in rented accommodation so I have no issues of anything being taken away etc and have never had anyone come to my door etc, hopefully you find a solution and things start getting easier for you x

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  3. Hi, has anyone ever upgraded their phone on the Vodafone website and then a week or so later they would like to change it? Iv got the iPhone 8 but would like the iPhone X, I’m just wondering if anyone has done this by contacting the returns team and they offer some sort of exchange as in can they give me the new phone with a similar deal to what I’m paying just now and then return this phone once it’s set up and get the upfront cost refunded also? many thanks

  4. I know it’s legit because I deposited funds to my betting account even when I knew my bank was at £0, iv Just had a phone call from PayPal regarding negative balance and said because it’s been negative for 28 days now it’s a high risk it could be limited or passed on to dca, I just said I could make a payment of £10 and I won’t be able to pay it off untill January

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