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  1. I have checked her contract-it states 7.50 per hour as I suspected. Where should I take this now? I have asked my wife to check the hours she’s actually worked against what she’s been paid and go to somebody higher up in the company to ask to be paid properly. She says she’s scared that she’ll lose her job. I think that’s probably the case for everyone that works there. Thanks very much for that input, it’s very helpful. She doesn’t work for either of those companies though.
  2. I’ve no idea, I’ll have to check when she finishes later. Yesterday was the first time she found out she was getting paid per room and not per hour. Her payslips however suggest an hourly rate.
  3. Hi - my wife recently applied to a local hotel for work as a housekeeper/cleaner. She now works full-time for the agency that supplies cleaners to that hotel and lots of other hotels. They pay only minimum wage but even so, I thought her wages were a little low considering how many hours she is working. On checking her own record of hours worked against her payslips, i found that nothing tallies at all and after telling her to confront one of her bosses about it, she was told that although her payslip tells her she is paid by the hour, in fact she is paid by how many rooms she cleans. 2 rooms = 1 hour. However, each room can take her up to 45 minutes so I think that she is therefore being paid less than MW. The company is quite big, i think, and employs a large number of Moldovan/Romanians (my wife is Romanian) i am concerned that they are exploiting a large number of people. Now i am unsure about who to approach and of course, if I am right at all - as a large company, perhaps what they are doing is completely above board? Any help at all would be very much appreciated. John
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