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  1. I signed that letter on 19th March 2020. My ILR application was approved on 21st October 2020. I am not clear if I should consider 12 months from 19th March or 21st October. If I take earlier date then I have already completed 12 months. Let me know please if you need any additional information.
  2. Hi, I hope I am posting my question in appropriate forum / group here. The process for my ILR visa application (from Tier 2 general) was initiated in March 2020. At that time, I was asked to sign a letter to confirm that I will not leave employment within 12 months otherwise I will have to repay all costs relating to my ILR application to my employer. I now have a better opportunity from another employer and I wish to resign from current company. I am not clear from the wording of the document that from what date 12 months are being considered. Please refer to attachment for exact wording related to this. Appreciate if someone can guide me here and way forward. Many thanks in advance. Kind Regards, terms of employment .pdf
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