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  1. They sent me a copy of the unsigned agreement with the letter.
  2. I was involved in a very minor collision whereby someone drove into the back of me. My car was booked in for repair at a local accident repair centre. The other Party's insurer arranged a hire car from Europcar for me to use whilst my car was in for repair. I was contacted by Europcar who gave me a time to meet its representative at the repair centre and told me I would need to sign for the car and provide Identification. On arrival at the agreed time, I was told by the receptionist that the representative from Europcar had already dropped the hire car off. I did not sign any agreement or show any identification. After 2 days my car was repaired and ready for collection. I contacted the other party's Insurance to ask what I should do about the hire car, they told me to leave the hire car at the repair centre and they would contact Europcar to off-hire the vehicle. A week later I received a phone call from Europcar asking me where I had left the vehicle. I explained as above and that was that. I have now received a letter saying there was damage to the car that I am liable for. I have responded via email saying that I dispute this on the basis that firstly I did not sign any terms and conditions and that secondly the vehicle was off-hired 7 days before it was actually collected from the repairs centre. Any other advice?
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