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  1. Thanks I just want it to be over......... I have other battles ahead so will be glad to know this one is done with Betty
  2. Thanks Andy Yes the DJ said he could not be sure the DN was ever sent. Don’t think he was impressed the author of the WS did not attend. Plus a few of the points I made in my WS were not responded to in their SWS. I think that legal judgement helped as its rather curious how the defendant in that case also got a copy of mbna DN off PRA and it referred to breach of the wrong conditions when comparing to the CA. The same conditions that was in the one they sent me. And it was a 2012 DN on FCA paper. I have one question. Can PRA issues a new DN? I thought it was only
  3. Great thanks jon I was lucky to get a good DJ. Straight away he seemed to have a grasp of the errors in case I got the feeling the rep knew too. Came straight to me when I arrived and asked if I’d like to make an offer for repayments
  4. Yes special thanks to dx and Andy Another donation just made I didn’t hear the rep ask for appeal "............but I was a bit distracted by nerves. Will a copy of the result be sent to me?
  5. Oh yeh and I’m sure their costs were listed as about 2k. Think I went into the wrong job!
  6. Really? I didn’t know if they were able to appeal it or have a second go.......it was nerve wracking but the DJ was good. It was listed for a whole day but was done in less than 2 hoursas he just tried the one issue
  7. Thank you. I think they may try again though which is a worry but I’m just so glad that I went through with it. I will have to wait see what happens next but they definitely do some creative documents. A case that helped me as had some similar issues was PRA v Segal ......same DN issue
  8. Well I had 2 main arguments. There was no evidence that I got a copy of the agreement at time of signing as 2 of the conditions were on the envelope you post it in and were difficult to read and the agreement was not linked to the account number of claim in either the documents or claimant WS. The 2nd thing was the Default notice provided by the claimant. This was never served on me and the one they provided referred to a breach of the wrong conditions so not compliant with s88. The judge decided the dn issues should be dealt with first as if that part of the claim failed t
  9. Thanks Shamrock I’ve buried myself in the paperwork for the last few few days and Even up until the last minute wasnt sure I could do it but I did it, and the case was dismissed Yaaaaayyyy Have a feeling it’s not the end of it and they will be back but it’s done for now Support of everyone on here has really helped, another donation on its way
  10. Thanks Andy Yes I have some thinking to do. It’s a gamble on the DJ. If I lose with costs and interest it will end up well over 20k on what was originally just under 13k. Part of me wants to fight it all the way but it is stressful. On their DQ asking how many witnesses they intend to have they put a zero. Was kinda hoping they may stick to it and not show up!,
  11. Yesterday I received a notification that the trial is on the 21st August and will last 1 day! After coming this far I am now having second thought about continuing. The main (or only) thing I think have to defend myself is the so called “Agreement” provided by the claimant. I would appreciate an honest opinion from anyone as to whether anyone thinks it is worth the stress and taking time off work to prepare/attend if I don’t have a great case. I can’t imagine why it will take a whole day and with it being fast track I think the claimant is planning to hammer the costs too
  12. Thanks dx. Yes I did search and saw the £19. Will add on the day loss of work for the trial too.
  13. Thanks dx I have read through all of those links where n170 is mentioned but no one discusses costs. I’m assuming it’s for me to say whether I am applying for costs (I imagine the claimant will apply for thousands). Im not sure whether to bother or what kind of figure a defendant would put in (probably moot anyway as will probably lose)
  14. Anyone ever completed an n170 pre trial check list? Not sure what to put on it for costs or leave that blank?
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