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  1. Yes I will but I need to contact the originating court first to find out what I can about the original fine
  2. Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. I have to return to work tomorrow but I will definitely call the court and try to get more info
  3. I didn’t buy the car, my former partner did, as I mentioned previously I haven’t driven since July 2016 due to medication I take for anxiety, anything to do with the car was down to him but obviously he must have registered it in my name. I have definitely not received any of the aforementioned letters, however I am not naive enough to know after the experience I have had for the last few years that letters addressed to me were possibly intercepted. Im also not naive enough to know that is no defence which is why all I was asking for was a payment arrangement. As soon as I became aware of this I contacted the number given, had I been aware of it sooner I would have contacted sooner, I’m honestly starting to think that my only option now is to arrange a time to let him in and do his worst to just end this matter, this whole thing is new to me and I can eventually replace the things he takes I can’t take away the fear he will cause my son and daughter if him and god knows how many others come in when I’m not here .he specifically stated he was bringing ‘the team’ a locksmith and the police were already aware
  4. Yes I did suspect that but thought I would ask just in case they did send them out by Rec del as I wasn’t resident in this house at that time and I can’t divulge the address I was temporarily moved to
  5. Hi the vehicle I assume as I have not been given any details was bought at the end of jan 17 and it was sold on at the beginning of June and dvla informed. I have only lived at this address so it was registered here. I have not received any notices about this issue, although as I previously mentioned there is a domestic violence prevention order which was issued on 04 sept I wasn’t resident at this address for nearly 2 weeks after that date for obvious reasons. I know I am going to have to pay this I cannot access that amount of money in one go am not just offering £1 per week, if they slap removal and locksmith fees on as well they will honestly struggle to find goods worth the total amount I will end up owing. I don’t have a car or any high value goods. The agent said he will take my tv and my sofas which will make for interesting evenings as I don’t have a dining table to sit at
  6. magistrates was closed this pm I contacted marstons direct to try and set up a payment arrangement as I have to go back to work tomorrow and need peace of mind that he won’t come in here when I’m not present. Their representative said that as it had now left the office and been given to an agent they can no longer deal with it, however they could have taken payment in full!! I asked about the notice of enforcement and he said it was sent on 05/09. I did not receive this and when I asked for a tracking number he said there wasn’t one. I have the voicemail on my phone from the agent this morning telling me he had contacted the office and cancelled the removal of goods when I asked the advisor he said there was no record of this the office wouldn’t have to be informed of removal or cancellations as the agent works for himself now he’s got the case.
  7. Hi I’m finding this site a little difficult to navigate round I can’t find the admin email address, it’s all done through a mobile phone mine and his, I don’t know his full name just mr ***** the number provided on the form was a mobile... .the car in question was probably in my name, hence the action being in my name I have had no notification until the hand delivered notice, he said he doesn’t have the registration number of the car, surely I should have the opportunity to know how much the original penalty notice was for? He says not, it’s all gone past that stage now
  8. Thank you so much, I’ll walk to the local magistrates now hopefully he won’t turn up while I’m out.ive has 8 missed calls 3 texts and 4 voicemails in the last 2 hours from him!!
  9. Thank you. I do need some advice. On Thursday 26th October I came home from work to find a hand delivered amber removal notice left by Marston Holdings. It is for £673.75 issued by HMCTS w.yorkshire. I am unaware of any dvla fines I contacted the number to be told that it is from may 2017 regarding no tax on a vehicle registered in my name. I was really shocked there was a car in the household at that time driven by my ex partner (I haven’t driven for a year due to anxiety medication). he said it had to be paid and then I could dispute it at court but I don’t have that sort of money, I work full time and don’t receive any benefits and have 2 kids under 16 (also 2 over 16 who live with me). he then said he would go to court the next day to get a warrant to remove goods. he texted me later that evening to confirm he was going back to court I offered by text an immediate payment of £100 then £100 per month, he didn’t reply to this. Yesterday (Sunday) he called me to tell me him and the team were coming today(Monday)to enforce the warrant and remove goods. I told him that I would be at work 8-6.30 but depending on the time of day my 15yr old daughter would be in with my 10yr old son he said that didn’t matter because they all wore cameras now and could enter the property when minors were unaccompanied. I also advised him that a domestic violence prevention order had been placed on me and the house in September due to my ex partners violence and to please be mindful of that, his response was that before he came with his team and the locksmith he would also let the police know he was coming!! after a sleepless night I took the decision to call in sick at work losing a days pay but at least I’d be here!!! At 9 this morning he started phoning me I will not answer his calls now until I get advice but he keeps ringing and texting me. He said he’s now contacted the office and has cancelled the removal order and wants to sort something out he won’t even tell me how much the original fine is for, do I call him and see what the arrangement is, I have to go to work tomorrow there is 2.5 hours after school when my 15yo daughter looks after my 10 yr old I don’t want them confronted by a team of men after they’re just getting over the dom violence. I will pay a fine if that’s what it is I’ve got a feeling that the majority of this amount is marstons fees. One more point, he’s very intimidating on the phone and won’t let me finish a sentence took great pleasure in telling me he was a policeman in the armed forces wasn’t bothered about anyone or anything that this job throws at him any advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi I’m a new member, could someone please point me on the right direction for advice about marstons dca and a unknown dvla penalty many thanks
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