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  1. That's fine, but telling them to go away is only a short term solution. It doesn't solve anything long term. This needs to be resolved with ExtraEnergy. Working nights also means that I'd really rather have people trying to contact me during the day, it's more than a little inconvenient.
  2. I would assume that AIC would send someone round if this continues to go unresolved?
  3. Either way, I'd prefer to tackle this before they turn up. It's been dragging on for over 3 months now, and would quite like to put it to bed for good.
  4. I'm planning to call CAB on Monday when they open, but would be grateful of any guidance in the meantime, or suggestions of more appropriate organisations to contact. We brought a house on the 21st July, and straight away gave meter readings to the energy company and took photographs of the meters. It seems that the previous owner gave their final readings on the 4th July, and they're trying to pin the gap on me. When the bills started to arrive they were from the 4th July to 31st July. I've since called and emailed to complain several times, they agreed to set up a new account for me with the correct start date and promised that they'd “cancelled the incorrect bills”. They assured me that I wouldn't be responsible for the debt on the original account for when I wasn't living there, and to ignore any further letters. I paid off the new account in full immediately, switched energy suppliers, and thought that was the end of it. The only other contact, aside from the standard switching account letters, was an "immediate action required" letter for the original account number, but I ignored this as I had been advised to do. This morning, a letter from Allied International Credit came through saying the matter had been passed to them for debt collection. Obviously I have no intention of paying it as I wasn't living here, but I'd quite like to wrap the matter up once and for all before we get someone knocking on the door.
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