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  1. Hi again! One question... would rpl letters and what happened would came up in a tourist visa application for USA?! Thank you everyone for your help!!!
  2. Hi.... I though this ended but it’s still going on.... Now I received a letter from Capital Resolve It’s says Settlement offer This is the letter: We have been advised by our client that you have not responded to their previous request to pay the above amount and that your account continues to remain seriously overdue. We have now been appointed to attempt to resolve this matter prior to recommending to our client further action, witch may include recommending that litigation proceedings are commenced again you. We recommend that you seek legal advice immediately if you are unsure about consequences and additional costs that may be added to the amount due if judgement it’s found in our clients favour. Please be aware that this could also affect your future ability to obtain credit. Settlement offer: 112.13 Prior to potentially escalating this matter we have received authorisation from our client to accept a reduced figure of £112.13 in full and final settlement of the outstanding balance witch will end your liability and avoid any further action taken against you. If you’re unable to pay the proposed amount, please call us on 01386719130 as we may be may be able to explore other possibilities based on your individual circumstances. We have held your account for a further 7 days until 05 april 2018 however please be aware that no further reminders will be sent. If you do not contact us by this date, we may have no alternative but to continue with further action.
  3. Another letter from RPL Without prejudice save as to costs We write further to previous correspondence in this matter. In order to demonstrate that our client is committed to trying to find a way to resolve this matter without the need for the issue of court proceedings we are instructed to make a settlement offer in order to conclude the civil claim. Our client will accept in full and final settlement the sum of the civil claim made against you the sum of 104.65 The offer remains open for acceptance for 21 days after witch time it will be withdrawn. Please therefore contact us within 3 weeks for your receipt of this letter to confirm it terms can be agreed, or if you have an alternative proposal to make. Your opinions are: Accept the settlement offered and make a payment Contact our collection Department if you wish to accept the settlement offered but require more time to make a payment or wish to pay the settlement amount by instalments. Make an alternative proposal. We regretfully advise that if we do not hear from you within this time frame, we will seek our clients further instructions as to the issue of proceedings or pass this matter to recovery agents who specialise in recovery payment in undisputed claims without any further notification to you.
  4. Thank you They don’t have a mortgage, they said they lived there since the house was build, they are old. Problem is that we need to pay for a scar folding witch is about £1000 , plus repairs... to go up the roof, witch we did last year, spend £2500 to do our roof and house inside cause In our bedroom the ceilling was damaged , we can’t spend that money again... and also when the roofer gone up there, their roof is full of mos and they need to clean it first or go from inside We think they might have something to hide and they don’t want us to see. Can we take them to court?
  5. Hi. We and our neighbor have a shared roof, also the roof it’s at an angle, he’s at the highest point, we are lower. Last year we had a leak, we called a roofer to check and he wanted to check neighbors loft, he didn’t agree. We fixed everything on our side, now we have a leak again, our roofer said it’s defiantly them, but again, they don’t want to let anyone up there. What can we do? We contacted the council but both properties are freehold. Thank you
  6. Sorry ... just saw the reply! I Got another rpl letter today .. We note that We have received no response to our letter of 10 November 2017. If you have already responded, it may be our corespondence has crossed, please make contact on 01159706231 to check if this is the case. As well as being a victim of crime, our client has the right to bring civil claim against you for damages. You have not sought to deny your actions, or offer any explanation. Our client appreciates there are many reasons why incidents of this nature occur, but wishes you to understand the impact of your actions and accept responsibility for them. Before taking any further steps in this claim, our client invites you to advise us if there are any circumstances witch you would like to be taken into account. Whilst there is no legal obligation to consider mitigating circumstances in civil proceedings, our client adheres to core principles originally agreed with ACPO (the association of chief police officers) and abides by its own ethical codes. This ensures a degree of protection to those who may be considered vulnerable, or those in long term severe financial hardship. If you consider this may apply to you, it is important that you notify us of your circumstances, so that they can be given due consideration and the appropriate action taken on your case. Please be assured that our staff are professional and non-judgmental and will deal with any communication sensitively and with sympathetically, and with complete discretion. Any information you provid will be used only for the purposes of determining whether to proceed with the claim , and will be treated in strict accordance with the data Protection act 1998. We summarise the options open to you : Submit a written defence, with full account of your version of events Settle the claim, with or without admission, by paying the amount stated £149.50 If you wish to settle the claim, but cannot do so within 14 days, contact us to discuss payment options which include instalments and deferred periods, dependent upon circumstances Negotiate an alternative settlement by containing our Collection Department on 01159706231 Advise us of any other relevant circumstances you wish to be taken into account We require a response or payment from you within 14 days of the date of this letter, in order to prevent further action being taken. Our contact information is detailed overleaf. This is the letter!
  7. Hi! I received a "Letter before claim" of £149.50. What should I do?! It says "your conduct gives our client the right to pursue a civil claim for damages agains you in the Country Court as this caused significant disruption to our clients business at those premises. Our client has sustained losses as a result of your wrongful actions which include the value of the goods...
  8. I don't wanna shop in the same Waitrose, I'm happy to never go there again, but I want to go in others Waitrose( near my house) or other John Lewis! They told me I'm banned from a if them!
  9. If I write them a letter admitting what I've done and I feel very sorry do you think they will lift the ban? Has anyone experience this before?
  10. Thank you. Maybe I made a mistake, as I was quite scared and I didn't know what they gonna do but I'm sure they said I will have to pay for the food I tried to take and I will get a fine for shoplifting. Hope I will not receive anything
  11. Thank you again for your response. The security in Waitrose took the food back and gave me the rest of my shopping and they said I will get a letter and I will have to pay for the food and some extra ( they said "u will pay a fine") I was surprised as well why I will I have to pay for the food when they took it back?! I'm happy to ignore the letter as you suggested. If I will receive one I will come back for help. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your reply. It was really stupid and I'm so embarrassed... I don't even know what I was thinking about doing that. ..but definitely learned from it and won't ever be doing that. They did not take a picture but I think they can take from cctv , I don't know... I'm really scared to go in any Waitrose now. They said if I want the ban lifted, I need to call head office. Also about the fine, I said I will pay anything, I just want it over and done and don't want any troubles again. ��
  13. Hi, last week I went to Waitrose, bought some shopping and did not scan a packet of sushi, when I exit one guy in civil clothes came after me and took me back, I admitted that I did not pay and I felt so embarrassed... they took my details, name, address and date of birth and banned me from Waitrose or John Lewis for life.... and they said I should expect a fine in the post anytime. I'm really scared as in the letter says I should seek legal advice asap. Also the fact that I can't enter John Lewis ever again make me so upset. I did before took a banana or a croissant without paying but never other stuff. Definitely not ever gonna do this thing again!!!
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