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  1. What happens if POPLA don’t uphold my appeal? Surely that makes me liable for the full cost does it not?
  2. I have appealed the parking charge with NCP - I have not included my mobile number or my email address, so they have no choice but to write to me in person as before. As alluded by other members in this thread, I expect that they will reject this appeal, so any advice on what to include (including any critiques in my current appeal) would be very much appreciated. The following is what I included in my appeal: I am appealing this parking charge notice on several grounds. You have not provided sufficient evidence of my vehicle being parked. Your photographic evidence provided by your ANPR Camera only shows my vehicle entering the car park and then leaving 15 minutes later, it does not show my vehicle stationary in a marked bay. It is imperative to clearly evidence the contravention occurred rather than the speculative evidence you have provided. In your Notice to Keeper you have stated that in accordance to the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002 - you have requested information from the DVLA and are pursuing the registered keeper for the charge. However, you have not stated in either the terms and conditions or the Notice to Keeper the legislation which allows you to pursue the Registered Keeper without proving who was driving the vehicle, which you have not done. I have visited your car park and reviewed the amount of time it would take to find a parking space on a typically busy day and then review the terms and conditions in full - this took just under 10 minutes while on foot. This means that it would typically take longer to physically park the vehicle, walk to the ONLY sign in the car park that displays the terms and conditions and then make the informed decision as to whether or not they wish to enter into such a contract and then return to the vehicle either to leave or display a ticket. As evidenced by the timescales provided in your images, the terms had been reviewed and the driver made an informed decision not to enter into a contract and then left the car park. While this is mostly speculative, it could also be argued that the driver entered the car park to enquire about a car wash which can only be accessed by entering the car park and again deciding not to go ahead with entering into the contract and therefore not being liable for the charge. Nowhere in your terms and conditions do you state that there is a grace period, yet all the signs around the car park refers the drivers to the terms and conditions which is only located in one place in the whole car park. Overall, I do not believe that I am liable for this parking charge and request that you respectfully cancel the charge and update your records accordingly.
  3. I have attached the terms and conditions. Sorry that it isn't fully clear. The writing was so small that if I had taken the picture from any further away you wouldn't have been able to see it and if I'd gotten any closer I wouldn't have been able to fit it all in one picture. When I returned to the car park, I re-looked at the smaller signs which I thought were the T&C's, they weren't, they were just smaller versions of the sign in the front of the car park. There is only one sign that lays out the terms and conditions. The other 17+ signs all state "the terms and conditions, which can be found in and around this car park". What I found most interesting, however, is that there is a car wash in this car park. The only way to access this car wash is to enter the car park. As the parking company has not provided evidence of my vehicle being stationary within a marked bay and given the amount of time I was there could I argue that I entered the car park, reviewed the parking costs/terms and conditions, enquired about the car wash and then left? 16112017, 1916 Office Lens.pdf
  4. Yes I see what you mean, the picture with the littler signs has the terms and conditions but it is not very clear. I will go back and take a new one tomorrow and count how many of them there are, in case that information is useful. Is there anything else you think might be useful to gather while I’m there?
  5. Attached are the pictures I took. 1556 picture is taken from how I entered the car park. 1553 is what you see once you've turned in to enter the car park. Just beyond the sign on the right hand side there is a light, but it does not appear to be facing the sign next to the entrance. 1547 is taken from the perspective of driving into the entrance. 1546 is a closeup of the sign. 1642 is an image of smaller signs with a view of the entrance/exit. There are a few of these dotted around, I'd say a collective of around 5-6 points across the whole car park. I'd be grateful if you could advise me on what grounds I can appeal this? 10112017, 1553 Office Lens.pdf 10112017, 1547 Office Lens 1.pdf 10112017, 1546 Office Lens.pdf 10112017, 1642 Office Lens.pdf 10112017, 1556 Office Lens.pdf
  6. Apologies - I uploaded both pages in pdf format, at least I thought I did. There should be 2 attachments, first being the front page and second being back. If you can't see that let me know and I will try a different method. Unfortunately my mother threw the envelope away, I was away from home and expecting an important letter so asked her if I had any post, she responded that I had just 1 letter and I asked her to open it for me and send me a picture of it. This wasn't the letter I was expecting. I asked her the other day if she still had the envelope and she said she threw it away.
  7. Hello again, apologies for the delay in responding! I have attached the NTK as requested. I also took pictures which I'm not sure if you want me to attach them also? 09112017, 1238 Office Lens.pdf 09112017, 1238 Office Lens 1.pdf
  8. Happy to do so dx100uk but I only have pictures of this letter from my phone I'm afraid, the link in your message states it's (understandably) not preferred. I don't have access to a scanner at this present moment (I can use the one I have at work but I won't be able to get to that until Monday) - do you have any alternative solutions for me to upload the NTK? Thanks. Without going back and looking myself silverfox1961 I couldn't tell you off the top of my head. If the images were taken a year ago then I doubt it would have been updated since, but I can go back and check in the morning to confirm. The letter states that I would need to appeal this decision to NCP first, before appealing to POPLA. I am guessing that once NCP have rejected my appeal they will give me the POPLA code or I can at least request this from them? What should I mention in my appeal? Thanks.
  9. Hi, thanks for your response! Please find completed details below: 1 Date of the infringement 15-10-2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 27-10-2017 3 Date received 01-11-2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Photographic evidence of my vehicle entering and leaving the car park. 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] Not yet Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? NCP 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Tacket Street, Ipswich For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. - BPA Hope I've done that all correctly!
  10. Hello all, I have been directed your way from an advice thread on reddit. I received a letter in the post from NCP the other day stating that I now owe them £100 (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days) for parking in their car park without paying. However, the kicker is that I didn't actually park there. I entered the car park to pick somebody up and left 15 minutes later. I've logged in to check what pictures they actually have, all they have are pictures of my vehicle entering the car park and leaving 15 minutes later. They don't have any evidence of me walking off into town for example (they wouldn't, because I remained in my car the entire time). it seems to me that they can't claim that I parked there without paying if they have no proof of my car actually being parked. I would like some help with appealing this and any suggestions would be appreciated
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