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  1. Suffering with depression, on tablets seeing the doctor once a month have been called for an ESA assessment l don't know how to handle this, l cannot sleep anyone help me.
  2. AT LAST! Someone listened! Had phone call this morning DWP made a mistake.... will be receiving Mortgage interest payments and backdating it it AND confirming by letter. So if you are both unable to work and both have fit notes you don't have to wait 39 weeks. Please pass this on.
  3. Had phone call from SERCO on 10th Jan, had letter today, (shows they can get letters out fast if they want to,) stating that l am receiving mortgage help but the DWP say no, anyone else getting the run around?
  4. Thanks for the information is Andyorch , any one else had phone calls from SERCO?
  5. Rececived letter which states l'm in receipt of mortgage interest payment help, but warning me about the change in April with SERCO. l've just had a phone call trying to set up the loan agreement. Told them not interested. BUT what the hell is everyone supposed to do? Our stress levels are through the roof.
  6. Just spoke to DWP about Mortgage interest payments When you reach 60 they will help with payments. Only over 60's only.
  7. The wife was claiming ESA for an ongoing health condition of which she is still receiving treatment on was on her claim. Of course after assessment she had zero points, like everyone else. She has sent her MR, but expects to go to appeal again. Following advice from the DWP we "flipped it" l was the claimant the wife l claimed for. We now cannot claim for JSA as we are not fit for work. They stopped her claim on 30th October the letter arrived 6th November with her P45 and all benefits stopped dead. As you are paid 2 weeks in arrears she should have received the payment. ls this true or not? We feel destitute.
  8. Hi started claiming ESA on 1st November this year filled in housing benefit claim form. The reply came today saying l'll have to wait 39 weeks for them to help pay my mortgage! Can anyone help with this problem?. l have no savings l am so worried Thanks in advance
  9. Hi First time posting. l had the face to face assessment with Captia. We worked out filling the online form, l scored 28. lmagine my shock when the the letter came back and l scored 0 on all counts. lt was hard enough to ask for help in the first place. Can anyone help me. l have requested a copy of the report, What do l do next? To say l'm feeling low is a understatement. Thanking you in advance
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